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We are FSTVL news: Are you techno? We Are Techno….

Latest update from We are FSTVL

Are you techno? We Are Techno. 🙌



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18 Responses

  1. Sabrina Dempster says:

    Helen Amanda Gomm Carl cox is there 👌🏼. Sarah Ball. You both up for this?? Xx

  2. Jack Murdoch says:

    Christopher mad😂

  3. Heli Unwin says:

    Jamie my two techno dream girls heeelppppp

  4. Jigs Desai says:

    Nina kraviz is techno? 🤔

  5. Anita Most says:

    Jane Culverwell we really should do this 💃🏻
    Unless you’re waiting for OAP discounts 👵🏻

  6. Megan Rachel says:

    Molly McArdle fkn hell wish the lineup was this good last time 🤩

  7. Flo Rian says:

    Mickael Canelli on prend les tickets ?😎

  8. Lucas Hartley says:

    Evan Hartley look at that for a line up

  9. Leah Sutton says:

    Ben Ball we are going

  10. Gary Cutter says:

    Becky Diamond Lauren Diamond Carl Cox!

  11. Zoë Carey-Harris says:

    Sabrina Beena Rustell Danielle Popcorn-Cook you wanted techno!

  12. Shane Parsons says:

    Lowri Beth ok x

  13. Ross Whelan says:

    We all about dat camel fat!! Victoria Whelan Kirstie Jones Scott Halfyard

  14. Shoaib Shepz Mughal says:

    More like “we are average tech house”.

  15. Sherry Gardner says:

    Whose playing in what day,!

  16. Alex John says:

    Stew HilllAlex TentersBrad Goodall

  17. Tyler Buckley says:

    Dylan Morris let’s get this booked it’s a bank holiday aswell x

  18. Theo Wilkins says:

    Lewis Popplewell Oh go on then

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