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23 Responses

  1. Either Jamie Jones, Patrick toppin, Eric Prydz or Traumer!

  2. Jonny Arbuckle calvin harris xo

  3. Keeran Vigar says:

    Has to be between ilario Alicante, Nina kraviz, richie hawtin and Adam beyer

  4. Ben Stanley & Paris Hilton

  5. Ryan Harris says:

    Timothy Waffletash I reckon it’s you

  6. Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna

  7. Adam Adam says:

    For set vibe – Dubfire
    For technical ability – Coxy
    For live / ingenuity – Hawtin

  8. Dylan Measor says:

    Richie hawtin/Dixon/Carl Cox/ Tale of us

  9. Lewis Clark says:

    Do people know the difference between house and techno clearly not by reading this status 😂😂😂

  10. DJ EZ in a fat suit pretending he’s Carl Cox

  11. Darcy Jinks says:

    Question should have been does anyone know the difference between House and Techno or do you just go to these parties because your mates are and you think it’s cool

  12. Louis Haigh says:

    Amelie lens is rocking the techno world the now like! 👌👌

  13. Floorplan smashed it at dekmantel and is a legend. seen charlotte de witte few times and deffo gonna be massive in a few years as well as amelie lens! beyer is the obvs choice. I personally would love to see slam or SHDW & obscure shape or Robert mills

  14. Surely it’s Ben Klock ! Can’t be bettered ! Yes there are veterans like Sven Vath , or Carl cox , but Ben is the man of the moment ! Top of his game

  15. Mark Bunyan says:

    Will never get bored is seeing Carl Cox

  16. Chris Booth says:

    Ben Klock, Adam Beyer, Rodhad, Sven Vath. Give Amelie Lens a couple of years and she’ll be up there with those boys 👍

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