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Watchet Festival news: WATCHET MUSIC FESTIVAL SITE BUILD 2021…

Latest update from Watchet Festival

A very busy day on site today. The Main stage is being built, lots of work is going on back stage in the office by Jackie Festival Director, Janet and Loretta. 3 days left ….. the weather today has been lovely, warm sunny and a cool breeze.
See you all soon.🙂🎺🎻🪕🎹🥁

Watchet Music Festival


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9 Responses

  1. Rebecca Carter says:

    Can’t wait 💖

  2. Karen Osment says:

    It’s going to be emotional. We cannot wait 😎🎶

  3. David Sorrell says:

    Bring it on!

  4. Sandra Holness says:

    Well done everyone looking forward to the weekend. Thank you for all your hard work 😘

  5. Carol Northam says:

    Well done all so wish i could bring myself to come up one of my favourite groups on too stay safe all

  6. Patric Pada says:

    Belinda Fiona Jade 2 more sleeps ok technically 3 lol 😂

  7. Robert Moss says:

    Can’t wait, good work every one 👏

  8. Emily McAllister says:

    I have tickets for sale x

  9. Steven Henderson says:

    I have 4 tickets for sale

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