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Watchet Festival news: Death of Guitar Pop – Rickety Old Train

Latest update from Watchet Festival

The next act to introduce and welcome to this years festival is ….

Death of Guitar Pop who are a 2Tone inspired, Ska/Pop duo (Silky & Top Kat) from the sunny county of Essex.

The duo dropped their debut single ‘Rickety Old Train’, along with its ultra low budget accompanying video (which involved the pair, suited and booted, running through Romford market in a cardboard train), in late 2016 and immediately struck a chord with the Skinhead & Mod subculture.

Their online presence grew rapidly throughout 2017 with further singles ’69 Candy Street’, ‘Welcome Back’ (which includes a video directed by and starring The Inbetweeners star James Buckley) and their superb collaboration with the original rudeboy himself, Neville Staple from The Specials, ‘Suburban Ska Club’.

The summer of 2017 saw the band’s army of loyal fans crowd fund the cash needed for the band to record their debut album, ’69 Candy Street’, which was met with glowing reviews, receiving the public approval of both Pauline Black (The Selecter) and Dave Wakeling (The Beat) whilst selling thousands of copies. Naturally, their debut live show announcement was greeted with huge anticipation and the pair put together the stunning, 9-piece band (featuring horn section The Mafia of Bad Manners fame)

In 2019 the band raised funds for their second album ‘In Over Our Heads’ which saw the pair further refine their infectious blend of classic Ska rhythms and singalong choruses. This album also included the 2018 summer hit ‘Ska is the Bollocks’ with its audacious, hilarious video turning more than a few heads. Death of Guitar Pop describes themselves as ‘DIY and proud’ we look forward to welcoming there their live show to West Somerset and this years Watchet festival main stage on Friday 26th August


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5 Responses

  1. Lisa Routley says:

    Graham Routley Rachel Routley these sound good 👍

  2. Loraine Sonia says:

    great band

  3. Mike Daniells says:

    I like the sound of these guys, yet another great booking by the Watchet team 🙂

  4. Ian Whitehead says:

    Really good group
    Been following for a few years now
    Looking forward to seeing them live

  5. Ian Whitehead says:

    To add
    They have no label and manage themselves but have a fantastic fan base
    Definitely one to check out

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