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Village Green Festival 2017: reviewed and pictures

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The Idea 13 Stage: Village Green Festival 2017

Providing a truly eclectic mix of artists hand-picked by those in the know…



The Trusted: Village Green Festival 2017

This hot young act played to an audience that spanned generations and won over everyone in the room with their fizz, passion, and genuine love of being on a stage (or in front of it, or flying over it).


Get Cape.Wear Cape. Fly: Village Green Festival 2017

Having walked three streets from home to appear at the festival, Sam Duckworth is back. With 10 years worth of politically charged material that has suddenly become relevant again, expect to hear his political polemic on a festival stage near you soon.


Electric Pyramid: Electric Pyramid: Village Green Festival 2017

A fantastic display of true-to-form rock riffage and songs that stay with you long after the band has packed up and left the stage.



Oak Stage: Village Green Festival 2017

Possibly the festival’s smallest stage, but home to some brilliant musicians if you needed a chance to get away from the busy main stage.



Jazz Cafe: Village Green Festival 2017

Copyright issues aside, this is a café, and there is jazz music being played…so if the lawyers come knocking they have logic and language on their side…


Around the site: Village Green Festival 2017

What lovely people Village Green attracts – the range of ages and the ability for guests from clearly very different backgrounds to interact and get on was a delight to see. Just exactly what festivals should be about.


Kate Nash: Village Green Festival 2017

We’re sure the complaints will pour in from a few parents who may have had to spend half the set with their hands over their children’s ears due to the expletive-heavy performance. But that as it maybe, Kate really knows how to work a festival with a back catalogue of songs that have the crowd regularly singing back to her.


LJ Howard: Village Green Festival 2017

Soul meets traditional RnB and rock in a tight package that wins over everyone in the room.



Youth Club: Village Green Festival 2017

‘Almost’ a surprise appearance after the band announced they would be appearing the day before and their drum kit was on stage all day…spot the secret guest…


Darren Jones and the World Music Band: Village Green Festival 2017

The name of the act gives away exactly what you can expect – a world music band fronted by Darren Jones. Heavy on afrobeat, for those who know their world music onions this was a fine show to behold.


Muertos: Village Green Festival 2017

The local cricket club probably doesn’t often have freakbeat or garage-psyche bands playing at its functions…but why not?



Bollywood Fusion: Village Green Festival 2017





Petty Phase: Village Green Festival 2017

Proper old-skool riot grrrl noise with those all important melodic undertones that hold the whole thing beautifully together.



Hardeep Singh Kokli: Village Green Festival 2017

The broadcaster and writer was a proper star turn at Village Green 2017.



Primo Nelson: Village Green Festival 2017

When the main stage gets this funky you just have to get your groove on!



Ripton Lindsay: Village Green Festival 2017





Bait: Village Green Festival 2017

When John Kennedy give a band a seal of approval it’s time to open your ears and check them out. Packing their set with hardcore industrial punk that brought the whole tent to life.


African drum workshop: Village Green Festival 2017




Ardyn: Village Green Festival 2017

Festival regulars, this brother and sister team never fail to spread happiness wherever they play.



Suspects: Village Green Festival 2017

With a brand new video on release Suspects make more noise than two people should physically be possible to do. They almost literally raised the roof on the Idea 13 stage. If you don’t see a lot more of them we’ll be more than surprised.


Crowds: Village Green Festival 2017

More beautiful people having a beautiful time




Carousel: Village Green Festival 2017

Leaning heavily on the various influences that go yto make up the genre known loosely as Americana, Carousel tread a delicate line between country, folk, roots and blues.



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