Y-Not 2016 – the aftermovie

A taster of what 2017 might have in store...

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19 hours ago

Y Not Festival

Johnny Marr, 2015. Too good.

We were there, were you?

Send us what you got - we're going to send out x2 posh loo passes & Β£20 food vouchers.
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Johnny Marr, 2015. Too good.

We were there, were you? 

Send us what you got - were going to send out x2 posh loo passes & Β£20 food vouchers.


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I like the theme of "you were there".... I was at most of these but cannot recollect any of them let alone function a recording device at the time.

Been there for the last 5 years with the family debating weather after last year to give it one last go and give you the benefit of the doubt !!! But would like to know that what's going to change from last year !!

Don't have any photos, but I remember singing along to How Soon Is Now whilst on a portaloo, then having a great chat about the t.v. show Charmed with a stranger πŸ˜‚

Certainly was, with Danni & Jackie. Definitely the highlight of the weekend!

Karen remember this! N the drunk man in the Adidas past out on the hay bale πŸ˜‚

Think you can safely say we were loving it 🍻🎢🎸🎸

Sundara Kharma in the rain last year!

Fab weekend! Highlight for me were Augustines though....

I was there,great guitarist Mr Marr.It was a very moist weekend.

Simon Ross Craig Sharp sounded aw right from the camper van

Ha Β£20 food voucher that will get you one portion of noodles at ynotπŸ˜‚

Brilliant Weekend!

β€˜Twas fuckin good

what a set & then the wheelie bin - crowd surfing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yes- brilliant set

That was soooo good!!! Russell Hancock Theresa Carden Debbie Asher Mike Cunningham and the others............

Melissa Shaw remember 😭

Dominic Crowley

instagram.com/p/81WAfGHQta/ highlight of the Sunday!

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2 days ago

Y Not Festival


Bassment Jaxx, 2015

Best pic or vid will get a Β£50 bar tab at Y Not 2018...
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Bassment Jaxx - Where's your head at


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Bridget Slater CONGRATULATIONS you've won a Β£50 bar tab πŸ˜€ thanks for image of the Y Not sign in its former glory. Send an email over to hello@ynotfestival.com with your details so that we can get your prize over to you πŸ™‚ x

Can’t believe I got this close innit

Can you please tell me where the Christmas jumpers are. I was promised it last week

First year I went to ynot loved it been back every year since !!

Y Not 15 Primal scream

Basement jaxx was amazing, the fireworks and everything just brilliant. All those pictures YNOT FESTIVALE keep putting up bring back so many fabulous memories of how the festival used to be and the pain of this year

Winner must use bar tab early to avoid disappointment ;). Saw Basement Jaxx at Glasto and loved them, was nice and bizarre to see them in my back yard at Ynot

An amazing ynot! and the jaxx were one of the best gigs Iv ever seen. So much so I took not one pic/vid of the whole set! #summeriscoming (tickets already bought) 🀩

Alex Guess Β£50 bar tab here would get you about 2 drinksπŸ˜‚

What about when it nearly spelt JAXX in the sky during Basement Jaxx's set?

Too busy enjoying myself to get any pics or vids!!!!! Best gig everrrrrr 😍😍😍😍

Ben Pink you got a picture of guiding me out of the middle cos I couldn't hack the lights

Harriet Stone RoseRich Hull banging times can't believe we went to walk away!! πŸ™‚

2015 was my absolute favourite. Fantastic line up.

They were the bobbins!!!

Was pure off my rocker to rave videos or photos hahaha not missed a ynot for 5 years now. Bring it on! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Thanks for the Christmas card!!

My phone got stolen that year!! Still a good one 😎

James Squires when you were hit on the head with a can

Sian Cowley remember how mental this was 😍

Keiron-brat! Best memory of Y-Not 2015 - bonding with my bro πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Clair Bush Caroline Walsh Kirstine Wright ooh, this was a goodie gals... about song 2 if I remember....

Dolores Hobby remember when we missed this lol

Lee James we were there xxx

Lucy Smith sure you don’t want to go?

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