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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Williams: Jurassic Park – Highlights · Korynta · Prague Film Orchestra

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Williams: Jurassic Park – Highlights · Korynta · Prague Film Orchestra

John Williams: Jurassic Park – Highlights
George Korynta – conductor · Prague Film Orchestra / Recorded at Congress Centre Prague on 21st of May 2016.

Solo piano: Jan Vašina

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42 Responses

  1. Nikko Phases says:

    Luckily we didn't got extinct…

  2. Time…the ever flowing river 🙂

  3. Wow what an instant classic!

  4. 唐揚げ坊 says:


  5. Was ist mit den Trompeten?!?!?!🙁 schade… generell etwas langsam aber schön 🙂

  6. 桜木花道 says:


  7. More speed. Is very slow. I don't like these version. The velocity fail.

  8. Also, the conductor from far away reminds me of the fat guy in Jurassic Park first movie, lol

  9. First time I saw an orchestra with a little mix of a choir

  10. 🇧🇷 👍👍👍 … ( setenta e quatro )

  11. This was pretty damn good.

  12. Duane Parker says:

    At 2:10 the goosebumps explode.

  13. This is truly amazing, but I can't help but notice the similarities between this specific conductor and Peter Griffin. Sorry.

  14. Bravo to the French horn solo at the beginning!!!!

  15. BrightManX says:

    7:29 wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  16. I am a violin and clarinet player

  17. Play this in my final concert of the year

  18. Justin L. says:

    This is really, really, really, really good….

  19. Simplesmente magnifico saudações do BRAZIL 🇧🇷

  20. Adam Jones says:

    The best film soundtrack ever! And this was a fantastic performance!!

  21. The choir topped it off perfectly.

  22. You guys need to make a Europe tour with the best soundtracks: Harry potter (winter to the past included), Jurassic park, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pearl Harbour, Schindler's list, Narnia, Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator and what ever else you guys wish. I would give you all my 💰.

    I would like to know if you guys are doing now or in the future any of these films.

    Congrats mates, congrats !!!!!!!

  23. John Lee says:

    Performances like these make me tear up with how powerful they are. I would give anything to be there and hear it live

  24. The brass section of this orchestra sucks, but the conductor looks funny

  25. Just amazing! One of the best versions I've heard! Greetings to Praha/Prague from Sweden.

  26. Gui Porto says:

    Major goosebumps at 3:55, when the sopranos jump to that high F. Impeccable tempo and dynamics as well. Congrats.

  27. Yessssss! You've finally cracked it. This is the best and most accomplished performance I have heard from you.

  28. Loïc Curien says:

    One greatest interpretation of Williams I've heard… To the musicians and director, Bravissimo !

  29. Wykonanie na prawdę dobre , ale orkiestra mocno mniejsza liczebnie niż przy oryginale i przez to przmnienie dalekie od oryginału .

  30. It's beautiful!!!Congratulations!!!

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