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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: triple j’s Listen Out Festival highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: triple j’s Listen Out Festival highlights

Unearthed artists
Cosmos Midnight http://www.triplejunearthed.com.au/CosmosMidnight
Wave Racer http://www.triplejunearthed.com.au/waveracer


15 Responses

  1. So Sus says:

    girl at 0:26

  2. Lancel says:

    Not one mention of Azealia. Everyone knew she'd shit a brick and bail.

  3. Joseph Smith says:

    um, derr, Tee Enn Gee Hayche Tee?

  4. I wonder how many people there got on it?

  5. Soph Lee says:

    This is why I love Australia

  6. guxxi says:

    I'm here for whatever the last person just said plus good vibes and smells and aesthetics.

    tshggaughhhtt and dishhclooslurrrrrrr really – is where it's at.


    If you like an artist, you should probably learn to pronounce their name…

  8. pugggz says:

    they just edit them out at the end 😛

  9. there is a distinct lack of Ugly people in this video… maybe ugly people don't go to Listen Out…

  10. Danny Truong says:

    lolllllllllld at how that girl pronounced tnght 0:26

  11. XX77 says:

    Not a pumpatron to be seen. Take note stereosonic.

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