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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Tool -The Pot live at Download Festival 2019

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Tool -The Pot live at Download Festival 2019

Tool -The Pot live at Download Festival 2019
16/06/2019 Castle Donigton, UK


42 Responses

  1. When I saw them in 2002 they were the first band to leave me speechless for the entire set, a bunch of us blagged passes for the front of stage area and I was just in awe

  2. too bad they only know one chord…meh…

  3. Luke Blaker says:

    Wish I could have been there, damn.

  4. DOM GRINDROD says:

    Easily the highlight of Download 2019

  5. So cool that they are playing in drop c tuning

  6. Phrosda1 Z says:

    Great band but without Maynard and the visuals, would be boring to watch.

  7. RevJacq says:

    Has this been pitch shifted?

  8. final part missing = new high of disappointment

  9. I lost it when they played this. Couldn't believe they actually did!

  10. Paul Burke says:

    Is this an illegal release?

  11. Chris L says:

    Marylin Manson + Avril Lavigne = Maynard James Keenan.

  12. Marilyn, I mean Gaynard tries too hard to impress, tool should become an instrumental band

  13. Tool sucks, and so does Maynard's wine. I live in Sedona, so someday I hope to tell his jack ass what I think of him someday. He wishes he was an old school punk, faggot satanist.

  14. Geeze cameraman no love for Danny

  15. Brett Wilder says:

    Tool is going to be remembered and talked about 50 years from now more than Metallica or any other metal band from 80's/90's

  16. 90thMeridian says:


  17. Goddamn it, I love TOOL.

  18. Jeremy Clark says:

    TOOL in the daylight….very strange to see lol

  19. Hands down the best quote I heard this year was "How close are you to the inflatable giraffe?" . I was pretty close to it.

  20. Phi avir says:

    Too many side stage wankers

  21. Ryan Davison says:

    I left the arena feeling worn out but in a way I'd never experienced before. For hours afterwards I felt this way and I genuinely feel something happened to me during that performance. There was some shift or change in me and I really can't explain it

  22. JJ West says:

    I came here to watch the decline of Maynard.

  23. Black Skull says:

    You can actually see Maynard for a change

  24. Gumby Syring says:

    I know they’re all getting older and I should cut him some slack, but it’s disappointing that they’re tuned down like a whole extra step to make the singing easier for Maynard.

  25. Ash Ellis says:

    Soaphouse what? 😂

  26. Tool has some good tunes here and there but are a little pretentious for me.

  27. Geezzers need to hang em up, it's over, NICKELBACK FOREVER!!!!!

  28. I've only been listening to metal for 2 years. I've just started getting into tool past few days.


  29. maynard trolling everybody wearing pushifer jacket 😀

  30. Colin Walker says:

    Really wanted to watch tool but no way was I missing slayers last gig in Britain , bad move download overlapping these bands

  31. Holy shit we can finally see him

  32. samlee93 says:

    Fuck man. One from the barrier. I have never been as excited at a gig. People around me too were fantastic aswell. What a night. What a festival.

  33. JudeJ says:

    If you know anything about tool then take the video down

  34. Blain Hanlon says:

    Didn’t know the vocalist looked like a dyke, pretty epic

  35. 4:55 coolest part of the song

  36. dl witch says:

    You missed the drop at the end – the best bit!!!

  37. Dayman_526 says:

    Maynard’s voice seems revitalized. Sounds ways better than he did live couple years back.

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