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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Tool -Aenema live at Download Festival 2019

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Tool -Aenema live at Download Festival 2019

Tool -Aenema live at Download Festival 2019
16/06/2019 Castle Donington, UK


24 Responses

  1. Adrian Paco says:

    Tool is an experience!

  2. Mark HC says:

    This a band to see live while on psychedelics. Thanks for the upload. Cheers!

  3. karloz says:

    So amazing!!! No words for this song!🤘

  4. I flew from Dublin on Sunday morning at 8 am to East Midlands.. no sleep.. no booze.. endured hours of rain and shite music (early Sunday).. all for the love of Tool, it was worth every second! Mind blowing show and performance! That was my 5th time seeing them and I think that might have been the best, sound-wise.. the sound was so f*ckin good.. I loved the stereo fx on the vocals, very trippy! Amazing how they can pull off such a massive sound from drums, bass and one guitar live!

  5. My only regret in life is not getting me and my girl front row seats to TOOL

  6. kalle kanin says:

    The sad part is you have no idea what u should film and when

  7. Opening song reminds me of Sum-41

  8. I was in awe the entire gig. Among the best shows I've been to and there's some very good bands in the list. As soon as I saw Tool announced I was all over this like flies on shit… hot steamy shit that smelt glorious

  9. Ben Hodges says:

    Just spotted the back of my head at 00:16.

  10. Twelve31 says:

    Greatest band of all-time.

  11. fixxxer93 says:

    A lot of bands would have a recorded track doing the Learn to swim part, cool as hell they didn't!

  12. Ash 123 says:

    Thats The Mother Fu*er ftom Kick ass 2!

  13. ayyydown says:

    He lookin like chad gray from mudvayne

  14. 0:19 fucking hell that thing nearly poked my eye out…

  15. Nat says:

    GOD, Maynard is sounding so good on this tour!

  16. Maynard is on great form

  17. So glad I was there <3 Near the front

  18. The Accuser says:


  19. So weird, I never saw TOOL in a broad daylight

  20. Maynard is the only person who can turn the word rain into multiple syllables

  21. Nick W says:

    My hearts racing just watching this sooo good!!!

  22. Was about 4 people from the front on Justin’s side. Such an amazing experience, waited for so long and it didn’t disappoint. I had a smile on my face for that long during the entire set it actually started to ache. UK tour soon please! 🔥👁🔥

  23. I saw Tool in Firenze a couple of days prior to this show, and the whole fucking crowd went mad when Aenema started playing….watching this now literally gives me shivers so you can imagine how it felt live (great shot btw)…and it was my first Tool show…and I was with my brother who introduced me to them years ago….this fucking band man

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