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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: The Wombats – Moving To New York (Reading + Leeds 2018)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: The Wombats – Moving To New York (Reading + Leeds 2018)

The Wombats Visit the Reading + Leeds 2018 website for more videos and photos: https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/e4c84f


14 Responses

  1. What the fuck are they on that little stage for?

  2. Bubblaiu :3 says:

    somebody know , where videos of Hollywood undead? 🙁

  3. Joe fox says:

    The first act I go to see on Friday and as soon as I get there someone throws up on me. Great.

  4. Zain Sylvain says:

    Fuck I wish I was there

  5. Dank Memes says:

    This was so much better at leeds dunno what's happened here

  6. I watched this secret set. The sound was so quiet everyone was chanting turn it up. Despite that the crowd and Mosh pit was awesome didn't even view them on stage coz of it

  7. anyone see that sick shoe catch at the end

  8. Beats all the wannabe arctic monkeys guff bands they had on that stage earlier 😂

  9. Tim Senna says:

    I love this man, like being back at height of indie 💙

  10. Azenyx says:

    This isn't right they were on the main stage at both reading and leeds, i saw them at leeds yesterday so i dont know whats going on here xD

  11. Charlotte C says:

    Why are the wombats on the introducing stage??

  12. Carla Duarte says:

    that was great! i hope we can watch the full setlist! 😊

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