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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: The best of Glastonbury 2017

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: The best of Glastonbury 2017

The best moments from this year’s festival.

Watch more here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/ec584f


50 Responses

  1. Lord says:

    Amk bizim ülkemizde niye böyle güzel festivaller yok insanlar eglenmeyi mutlu olmayi biliyo ya harika bir sey

  2. Specialised security makin an appearance ma boys 💕

  3. Emma Simper says:

    Wish the weather had been this good the year I went!!!

  4. Rob W says:

    I'm glad I went in the 90s before it mutated into what it is now.

  5. Adam Protz says:

    I'm watching this and weeping that there wasn't a Glastonbury for me to go to this year!!!

  6. Megan Reade says:

    Liam Gallagher and foo fighters my fave last year

  7. zephyra says:

    coachella could NEVER.

  8. Lox Seven says:

    What is this song name I wonder ???

  9. ray zoric says:

    Radiohead's karma police was fkng lit man why delete it BBC?

  10. Dave Jones says:

    Ever wondered why it always rains at Glastonbury https://youtu.be/LDil1b3rekA

  11. The best experience of my life

  12. Kaya Monj says:

    Movies are better in America but music will always be the best in the uk

  13. chrisere9 says:

    Looks boring AF… Tomorrowland is where the real party’s at

  14. best of me says:

    nananana el mejor pais del mundo

  15. BlvntFX says:

    Tomorrowland is a lot better!

  16. joland fever says:

    It's a life goal to be there

  17. finn says:

    Really wanna go, music is my life so I mean.. I need to go here atleast once, it's been on my to do list for ages now.

  18. 1995 was an awesome year and hot sunshine all day everyday. It's awesome when its sunny, hard work when its wet and a quagmire.

  19. Why did you delete Radiohead videos? UPLOAD THEM AGAIN BBC MUSIC.

  20. David Lange says:

    What happened to the rest of the live videos that were on this channel? They're all gone

  21. bee gees and the jacksons rocked love them 😃

  22. Jakob Filer says:

    My daughter Lauren Alice Filer, AKA EXCEPTIONELLE choreographed and taught all the security guards to dance. She deserves some credit for that especially as she was disappointed by being pulled off the stage at the last minute after working so hard. Without her, it would never have happened. Check her out dancing with the following – CHIC – you can't miss her


  24. man i wish i could go someday

  25. This was just one huge Satanic, Freemason, Illuminati ritual and you all have been deceived. Wake up people you are being enslaved and led into damnation by your Luciferian and Fake Khazar Jew masters. Look at the Pyramids, the All Seeing Eyes, the pentagrams, its everywhere. These singers are all sell out fraud liars who serve Satan. You can all be saved!

  26. dapung says:

    bee gees = legends

  27. daisychain says:

    Of course I want to go next year, money saved already,I just read today they are making a year of… WTF.. :/

  28. Ra No says:

    Dua Lipa earned more then her back reflection in a drumset 😀

    Girl will be Glaston headliner on Piramid in few years:-)

  29. mike fronk says:

    The killers surprise looked amazing

  30. queria ir só para ver o Barry gibb ao vivo, lenda dos ver Gees

  31. The Killers rocked the fuck out of the living world

  32. delirioclub says:

    Corbyn speech was as interesting as the colour of the shite i made yesterday.

  33. who came here only for Liam?

  34. Where the fuck is Andrew Scott.

  35. John Redberg says:

    Dear BBC, thank you for condensing the best of a 5-day music festival into four minutes. This is clearly superior to watching all those concerts you've blocked on YouTube shared by music fans around the world.

  36. Craig david stole the show, epic.

  37. no love for my boy Anderson Paak. in this vid.

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