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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: System of a Down @ Reading Festival 2013 Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: System of a Down @ Reading Festival 2013 Highlights

IEAIAIO, Radio/Video, Hypnotize, Chop Suey, Sugar

August 23, 2013


32 Responses

  1. MrAldunc says:

    2001 was the first time I saw these, at Reading, back when it wasn't yuppified and full of trendies

  2. Fossil Tunes says:

    It's hard to believe we did this video 20 yeas ago. When I listen to it, we kicked the crap out of everybody. Slipknot, System of Down, Panera, etc.. they all sound gay and the look gay also.

  3. what happened with daron, its too fat :/

  4. They sound like no other… they are so fucking different… Armenian Power!!!

  5. Ethan Baker says:

    The good times, getting drunk dancing like a fool and not giving a crap

  6. Muito mais pesado que hoje….

  7. Toxicity87 says:

    Daron was sick at this show, thats why he looks not interested

  8. Great fuckin show!!!!

  9. juanpax64 says:

    12:34 the best screams of ''father''

  10. Super Delli says:

    There was a better show in that evening, by a pop punk band called Green Day 😀

  11. Diane Saba says:

    that did sound weird the beginning of chop suey

  12. Rezz Atrana says:

    They really aren't too good live anymore but this- This is a really good performance. Probably their best of the 2010-2015 years.

  13. It's so funny how bad they made Green Day look that day.

  14. That was the best performance of Sugar since the reunion.

  15. dman2602 says:

    😅😅😅😅😅HE CAN STILL GROWL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!

  16. Chop Suey's Father's are the best . Serj do it better then in studio

  17. t. Wilson says:

    omg wow love the music!!

  18. t. Wilson says:

    SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. TB 3 says:

    I remember this like it was yesterday

  20. provocado says:

    Serj was great, missing daron running around like a crazy mofo tho haha <3

  21. Gus says:

    They are fucking happy!

    Serj Tankian 2013

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