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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Stormzy's rise to the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2019

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Stormzy's rise to the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2019

Stormzy’s the first UK Grime artist to headline the Pyramid stage – here’s how he made it. Visit bbc.co.uk/glastonbury for more videos and photos


32 Responses

  1. John King says:

    I'm all about capitalism, therefore I love this dude making money off of this rap, or whatever garbage it's called. Kardashian's porn tape showed more talent than this guy's got.

  2. Lion of Zion says:

    Rap Noise is very dangerous! That's why main stream media is promoting it, so illiterate low IQ young blacks go ahead and join gangs then stab each other to Death! Rap is more a threat to the black community than the BNP!🤦‍♂️

  3. It's called grime coz it forms around my sink fucking stupid music basicly if I spat bares about robbing man and Shankin man and talking ingredients shit guess what the youngers cling to this shit you boys are helping to create killing man u should shut the fuck up and bring niceness to England rather than ,blud I just shot that man,blud I just robbed that man, blud I just stabbed that man what if u said blud I just helped that man he's old-school I helped him with his nan, blud I just see a single mother she's got herself in2 abit of bother image nice guy so image gonna go help her sort ur fucking life's out

  4. watching this guy brings tears to my eyes and im a 53 year old white guy..love his music love his attituude love the fact we both smoke weed and love his chemistry..very powerfull..

  5. Pink Alien says:

    Using that gospel tip from Chance I see

  6. God that was awful. Substandard lyrics and a voice that can't do what most average voices can do. Such as speak clearly. Rhyming couplets is what children do in primary school to be taught poetry.

  7. Lourdes baby says:

    Beatles and Stormzy in the same sentence????? Shame on you!!! Stormzy isn’t even a singer,how can he be defined as a musician,even though he has backing music,all he does is talk! Nice guy,but no way a musician!!

  8. Sings for black people but mostly white people show up sell out

  9. Syed Ahmed says:

    You don't have to be a Grime or Urban Music Listener or it's culture, you just got to give props to a person who changed his life around Positively from the streets towards the top! Like seeing stuff like this especially from the youth like myself

  10. James H says:

    Grime = Hip Hop for the tone deaf

  11. MegaKossak says:

    Is this garbage the future of music?

  12. J T G says:

    Honestly this chump gets billed on the first day ahead of George Ezra, Cheryl Crow and Lauren Hill …? Somebody pinch me and wake me up from this clown nightmare.
    From the constant coverage did anyone know that also there were Kylie, The Killers, Miley Cyrus, The Cure, Janet Jackson, Vampire Weekend…?

  13. Wall Yoof says:

    Only headlined due to his political views. No way on talent. Been way better grime artists who never got chance. Glasto owners are lefty luvvies hence why

  14. Simp Down says:

    Vossi Bop in the building!!!

  15. i bet he gets stabbed or shot by some rival shit rapper and becomes an even bigger hero to the brain dead London shit people

  16. One of the most sincere artists to date. A proper gent & a fucking badman at the same time not many people can pull that off.

  17. Betty Thomas says:

    Big Up Croydon boy! Hope you enjoyed Glastonbury experience!

  18. Lola Samuals says:

    is it just me . this was shit on toast diabolical

  19. I’m so proud of stormzy and all the black men in music doing good and making money to feed there families the uk is so hard to stay on the right track and not get stabbed or killed but I’m soo proud of stormzz

  20. jdm king 888 says:

    Is stormzeh black? Yeah so what …..

  21. ZD433 says:

    You just know with Stormzy that he’s got a hardcore of fans who totally get him and have been there from the beginning or thereabouts which is great and how it should be………………then you have the 30 something white lefties who think they are cool because they listen to Stormzy, heres the news they’re not, they’re a bunch of cunts .

  22. Blue Planet says:

    Pretty sure he jus stood there for half the time staring out at the crowd.

  23. Tool of the establishment

  24. Just what we need the kids listening to with knife crime off the scales.

  25. So what if he is black lol leftys are so obsessed with race

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