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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Stormzy, J hus, Dave, MoStack, Mist, Kenny Allstar & Ray BLK @ #Merky Festival Ibiza

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Stormzy, J hus, Dave, MoStack, Mist, Kenny Allstar & Ray BLK @ #Merky Festival Ibiza

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38 Responses

  1. Lou Po says:

    K2 my donny😂😤

  2. Why the DJ keeps cutting off reminding the ting SMH let them blow

  3. Ugo Nwanne says:

    The dj is taking a piss ffs #stopthat

  4. Jon Doe says:

    what a day man wish I was there too nuff respect to the youngens making history in the making bless you all we need more days like this to link up n have fun n make history

  5. This is so very hard … and the beat is flames If any upcoming artists require beats look at my channel … I got it all UK Drill, Afro Swing, Future Type Beats, Drake Type Beats & A lot more.

  6. Naem Khan says:

    Camera man knows wag1

  7. Splurging … Big up. But you man put your money towards prepping everyone of you 😈 its easy to forget whats actually going on in the world. #GoldStandard

  8. oNixzyyArts says:

    After they had a fight

  9. Wonder how many phones got water damaged

  10. Rayyan A says:

    J hus didn't even try properly no tone just shouting

  11. Amaan Khan says:

    Raaa every ones white 😂😂😂

  12. white people probly think they black lol

  13. Bearable Ent says:

    What's the song at 9.00

  14. If you don't get Stormzy has created his version of OVO Fest then tune off now.

  15. I wanna be one of Stormzy's obedient bitches, hes so hot,

  16. My mans doing sick my g

  17. bradz 1989 says:

    Whats the tune called 2.08 pleasee ???

  18. When the rappers sound nothing like the actual songs hahahaha

  19. Ben Powe says:

    Amazed that people subscribe to this crock of absolute shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not an active brain amongst them

  20. joe kony says:

    This is not grime anymore

  21. Sneaky Ninja says:

    Can someone list the songs featured in this clip? Do us all a public service! Thank you to the volunteer in advance!

  22. Real talk no lie, I came here because of stormzy.

  23. TNKZEE says:

    Hella white dons that just makes me crease

  24. And this is were you get a sti on holiday 😂😂

  25. Sam goodwin says:

    Fuck that dj off lads

  26. Dan Jackson says:

    Looks sick, but did that dude just jump in a swimming pool and then demand someone hand him a piece of electrical equipment? lololol

  27. Mist looked fuckung shit

  28. mist keepin it real with the sandals and socks

  29. AR says:

    These white boys are deluded. They ARE going to be working to 71!

  30. Aman Amin says:

    they got some shit dj

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