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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Slipknot – Download Festival 2013 (Highlights) ᴴᴰ

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Slipknot – Download Festival 2013 (Highlights) ᴴᴰ



June 14, 2013 – Donington Park, Castle Donington, England (UK).

Highlights of the concert of Slipknot at Download Festival 2013 broadcast on Sky Arts 1 HD

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14 de junho de 2013 – Donington Park, Castle Donington, Englaterra (Reino Unido).

Destaques do show do Slipknot no Download Festival 2013 transmitido pela Sky Arts 1 HD

Todo o conteúdo pertence aos respectivos proprietários.


© 2013 BSkyB
© 2013 Roadrunner Records



01 – Opening 00:00
02 – Dead Memories 00:18
03 – Interview with Clown (#6) 4:36
04 – Gently 05:15
05 – Interview with Corey Taylor (#8) 10:09
06 – Psychosocial 10:51
07 – Interview with Corey Taylor (#8) 15:14
08 – Surfacing 15:35


Slipknot official website: https://www.slipknot1.com/
Slipknot official fan page: https://www.facebook.com/slipknot
Slipknot official twitter : https://twitter.com/slipknot
Slipknot official instagram: http://instagram.com/slipknot


41 Responses

  1. sjescone says:

    Joey was actually telling the truth! He sure looks fatter, which makes sense after months of recovery! It suck that it all went this way!

  2. KingEdwards says:

    I remember being there and that peformance of Gently was fucking incredible!

  3. una pregunta como puedo conseguir este concierto completo

  4. T- Rex says:

    Nice mask Corey

  5. Pior show que o Slipknot já fez, Joey já estava doente e a banda estava sem energia no palco, e o público muito fraco também, gosto de shows em que o público se inflama.

  6. Valentin says:

    01 – Opening 00:00
    02 – Dead Memories 00:18
    03 – Interview With Clown (#6) 4:36
    04 – Gently 5:16
    05 – Interview With Corey Taylor (#8) 10:09
    06 – Psychosocial 10:52
    07 – Interview With Corey Taylor (#8) 15:15
    08 – Surfacing 15:37

  7. Oh look stone sour with masks.

  8. Jim looks fucking awesome here!

  9. Dinka Brinca says:

    o melhor visual do slipknot

  10. en ese tiempo aun no consegian un bajista?

  11. 16:43 Jim root angry??? wtf….looks pissed

  12. Psychosocial was awesome, this Knotfest 2012 and London 2008 all have the best performances of Physcosocial

  13. Like like like like 🙂

  14. Was this Joey's last concert?

  15. Cactus Anal says:

    so after 2013 is when the shitty version of slipknot came out where they think its okay to drown out coreys vocals? fucking people need to get the band setup right again

  16. jove jim root's download 2013 mask

  17. ridículo não gosto . perca de tempo

  18. 4:03 "dead memories in my eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyHAHA" XD

  19. 1:20 "The other me is gone" fuck i screwed it up "eeowaooweyiweaye"

  20. Lethal Tick says:

    impressão minha ou a o povo ta morto? (a platéia)

  21. Hope they play download 2017

  22. I loved those white jumpsuits and the general greyness of their look. They should have used this look for the gray chapter tour but with new masks.

  23. O cara canta alguem já viu o Corey fazendo falsete ? se não virão ta aqui > 17:08

  24. Ethan Davies says:

    The mix on this seems really empty

  25. Saw them at Aftershock 2015,it was fucking amazing.

  26. Joe Norks s says:

    Drums sounded like complete ass. So did corey

  27. Italo Neris says:

    Corey é um músico incrível, com certeza um dos maiores da história do rock em geral.

  28. I think corey's hair + the mask and the overall is the best combination. I love the looks in this one.

  29. No Final , O Corey Se Abaixa e se Emociona Pelo Cara Vestido de Paul Gray.
    :'(   Eterno Paul <3

  30. Joe Reed says:

    This is the worst i have ever heard coreys vocals, and i fail to see any excuse for it to be honest.

  31. Dead Memories sounded fucking orgasmic… Wish I could say the same for the rest of the set. Corey's voice was fucking rough in this show

  32. Roxy Hall says:

    cant wait to see slipknot at download this year

  33. Jack Pedley says:

    Erm, Jim looks different

  34. Evan Moore says:

    0.07 in the middle that's my dad

  35. Ghostlydark says:

    What nike's is corey wearing?

  36. Cory Bevill says:

    They can get down on guitar

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