FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Slayer – Live @ Download festival, Paris 2017

“South Of Heaven” – Slayer live @ Download festival, Paris (France, 10/06/ 2017).


22 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Slayer – Live @ Download festival, Paris 2017

  1. was at hellfest ;the LAST band of a third day festival i was irritated because i don t undersatnd why they performed this hour ;i was tired of 3 intense days of music and beers ; it was likin park before ;i don t know them ;maybe they are good but i read a lot of comments about the death of the singer ;people are so nasty ;they laughed about it ;cette page est plus pr les francais mais faut arreter les gars ;ce snobisme metal m agace eperdument ;y a d autres scenes allez ecouter ailleurs le temps que le groupe ai fini ;la haine qu il y a eu sur eux pas cool ;ou j ai eu d autres temoignages de gens qui ont su s arreter au bon moment ;ne plus aller au hellfest ;ce festoche a evolue ;

  2. Ironic that no one complains about Tom playing bass with a pick !! Slayer is fantastic in the quality of the instrumental but in the process of lyrics I do not think …

  3. slayer looks bored with their craft now. only reason keeps touring is gotta eat. each show they make enough to pay debt from the show the day before. it's a domino effect bands go through to survive. since most fans do stuff like this, and watch or listen for free.

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