FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Singapore Raffles Music Festival 2016 Highlights

Enjoy the Video Highlights from recent 3RD SINGAPORE RAFFLES MUSIC FESTIVAL capturing magical moments between participants, Master teachers, organizing committee — all brought together by the passion for music!

第三屆新加坡萊佛士國際青少年藝術節花絮 ! 第三屆新加坡萊佛士國際青少年藝術節音樂比賽隆重登場,一共有來自臺灣、馬來西亞、中國等國選手參加比賽,透過音樂比賽平臺,培植更多的音樂人才。
藝術節的舉辦除了增添藝文氣息,也用音樂的影響力 進一步創造亞太區音樂與藝術的發展!

We miss the time together and have wonderful memories of the festival. We hope to see you all soon again!

Join us for the 4th Singapore Rafflessic Music Festival in 2017 next year!


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