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Push the boundaries of what it means to have a festival experience, and dive deep into the journey that is Shambhala. Each year our Farmily feels the call, an urge to return home to who they truly are, from all across the globe. They travel from far and wide, deep into the British Columbia interior, to breathe new life into the Salmo River Ranch and transform the farm into a place of art, self-expression and love.

What are you waiting for? Answer the call of Shambhala – uncage your soul, open your mind, and find yourself at HOME. Tickets for the 23rd Annual Shambhala Music Festival are on sale NOW at tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com.


Dreams – Zhu – Nero
The Asecent – Charlesthefirst
Music From My Soul – Doc Martin, Tony Hewitt, Homero Espinosa
Reflection – LSDream, Champagne Drip
Eternal Now – LSDream, Champagne Drip
Second Sun, Bonobo
Satisfied – Catching Flies

© Shambhala Films, 2019


50 Responses

  1. Narxz says:

    what a video , those editing skills are massive

  2. Jordan Short says:

    Does anyone know the lecture / lecturer that is speaking in the video?

  3. BirdyCracker says:

    Silence haters. The aliens will decide.

  4. The reference to burning man was interesting, sham needs to buy more land to make the festival bigger maybe like the desert party burning man? Everyone I know who's gone to sham thinks it's perfect the way it is lol, Iv'e never been, but sham is legendary here in BC, I get an earful on how sham is something like heaven all the time, doesn't seem like it needs to change lol

  5. Very much dislike the non shambhala related content . Wheres all the footage of the ACTUAL show . I dont wanna see random people dancing around , and just hanging around dramatically. Show me shambhala !!

  6. Mimus Gilvus says:

    "spiritual" mating frenzy …. gonads rule!

  7. P.S. I would be tripping on angel Trumpets

  8. I know it's Canada, but would the folks there be o.k. with me wearing my maga hat

  9. Eye Quest says:

    Im having third eye experiences watching this, going back to the times

  10. Eye Quest says:

    Eye still have to say this is one of the bestever animations dreams put together. Astounding and Surreal. Totally Captured the Magnificence of Magic. I Love Shambhala, this was off the charts on video footage and editing. Phenomenal symbology. Timing and Music 432.
    Legendary Video Made Here.

  11. i DoNt LiKe ThIs AfTeRmOvIe.

    You're welcome to bring a camera next year and make a better one.

  12. Anyone else come here thinking this would be Three Houses related?

  13. Mr Twitch says:

    No mud! haha, yep cool video but doesn't capture the vibe of shams for me. Can't fault how fancy it all looks though 🙂

  14. Shelby K.N. says:

    Had I not known this was for Shambhala, I would have no idea what it was for/about :/

  15. this was not a good representation of the festival this year, most of it wasn't even shot at Shambhala. Disappointing.

  16. I saw this after-movie as a contrast. A contrast between the hot, dry desert that is Burning Man, and the nourishing, lush forest that is Shambhala. I thought it was actually really deep and well thought out 💞✨

  17. Jaime Diaz says:

    For everyone complaining I think the video was for people who didnt attend the festival so you can get the essence and vibe of the festival . You can watch someoned vlog if you want all the other stuff

  18. Jas Davies says:

    This made me cry. The editing on this is impeccable. So well done.

  19. The evolution of Rajneeshpuram – Osho

  20. Fillers aside props for proper 4K

  21. P33 says:

    What I the actual fuck does this desert shit have to do with Shambhala? Stop taking yourself SO seriously Shambs. You're getting cringy.

  22. Well done vid as far as editing goes and eye catching videos but I think there is like maybe 10 shots that are actually filmed on the farm. Like the opening desert scene was way too long I honestly thought there was a mixup and I watching burning man movie

  23. Alex Pacpaco says:

    This video was going to be what I'd share to my friends so they could get an idea of what sham is all about. I was there this year and even I dont understand this video

  24. FrAuSkY says:

    slowly getting worse every year 🙁

  25. MeWziK101 says:

    This is not the shamb feel at all. disappointed

  26. Shambhala is not Coachella, I think that needs to be a more clearly developed idea in this movie – shambh is not a mainstream music festival and shouldn’t be treated as such.
    It is therapeutic and life progressing and a place to meet the most kind-hearted people you can find. A place to realize your human struggle isn’t so unique, and to help you realize you can find substantial support in life if you call for it. Display that.
    It is a lot more than just a fun party, and laser-filled weekend

  27. Sursion says:

    What a stupid fucking video, has nothing to do with Shambhala. What's with the desert?

  28. JD says:

    Lovely vid, clean, crisp and professional footage! Its sorta sad that some people can't appreciate art without wanting things a specific way… A way they are used to. Their way usually.

  29. Eagle9er9er says:

    All the desert and forest footage was highly unnecessary

  30. Hey it’s you! Which one? All of them 🙂

  31. lmao…this why ticket prices outrageous these days?

  32. Great editing on the video, I don’t feel it captured the essence of the festival however. The aftermovie should give me chills because of, “oooh I remember that!!!” moments. This aftermovie felt like an Apple commercial. Lots of pretty pictures, but no substance. I’d have almost rather watched 10 minutes of stage shots, and crowd flyovers; at least then I’d get a sense of the festival vibe.

  33. flip4style says:

    Probably so many fillers bc it was too rainy to get lots of footage this year

  34. Adeney Zo says:

    NEEDS MORE MUD AND RAIN!! But beautiful after movie nevertheless <3

  35. I just wanted a video that would remind me of home, not random people walking around in a desert or dancing alone in a forest..

  36. SO much is not from Shamb at all….
    Wheres the Rain!!!
    Cool vid though

  37. Sick video! It would be even better if Fractal allowed video!

  38. Gorgeous work! Knocked it outta the park again this year!!! Great film! <3 Shambhalove!!!

  39. Also the one thing we all took from 2019 Shamb was to be prepared for the rain, & it does actually rain at Shamb, even the magic of Shambhala couldn’t stop it. Having footage of the mud and the people playing around in it, embracing the moment and making the most of the situation.

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