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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Sea Dance 2018 | Day 2. Festival Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Sea Dance 2018 | Day 2. Festival Highlights

Sea Dance Festival 2018 Day 2. Festival Highlights!🎈🎉
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Award winning Sea Dance festival gathers each year fans from over 50 countries from all over the world, and an impressive line up of more than 100 hottest international music stars.

Voted best European medium-sized festival, Sea Dance has proven much within the last four years.

Situated on a beautiful Montenegrin white, turquoise and green shoreline surrounded by picturesque mountains – it makes an ideal festival destination for an array of world-class performers.

Come and join us for a festival fun on Europe’s hottest summer destination in the Mediteranian. Sea Dance is a part of an unique EXIT festival family, together with the award winning EXIT festival, as well as three other festivals: Sea Star in Umag, Croatia, Revolution in Timisoara, Romania and Festival 84 at Olympic mountain Jahorina in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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