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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Rolling Loud Miami 2018 Aftermovie

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Rolling Loud Miami 2018 Aftermovie

Curated & Produced by Tariq Cherif & Matt Zingler
Directed by Nasser Boulaich
Produced by Aditya Pamidi
Edited by Jarrod Ardolino

Assistant Director: Beth Saravo
Sound Technician: Zane Alexander
Interviews: Kyle Adderley
Field Producer: Kelvin Li

Camera Operators:
Avery Stedman
Mike Koziel
Brett Arndt
Arturo Herrero
Ike Anyanwu
Antoine Bal
Andre Solivan
Erick Flores
Aaron Pratt
Chris Herrero
Dillon Hearns
Jamal Martin
Javier Estrada
Thomas Dang
Yha Leon

Field Assistants:
Arlindo Pacheco
Francis Aihe
Anand Sheth
Ronnie Gaynor

Connect with Rolling Loud:

Snapchat: @RollingLoudFest


27 Responses

  1. Soysauce99 ! says:

    Who’s hype for Miami 2019 this year??

  2. The X clips gave me goosebumbs that i shook

  3. Dark Shadow says:

    7:18 R.I.P Xxxtentacion his last concert ever

  4. Miami is the most hype

  5. Stacy Vega says:

    Bought tickets for miami 2019 please pray for me everything is paid hopefully my mom lets me go….

  6. Eric Perry says:

    lil uzi looks like a toddler next to young thug xD

  7. Name of the first song?!?

  8. It's crazy that this is one of X's best and last performance 😤 LLJ🕊

  9. Asmr Efren says:

    can someone tell me who the fuck is at 8:32

  10. Asmr Efren says:

    4:23 she better take that ugly ass shirt off this second

  11. this is a must in my lifetime

  12. Kelly Tram says:

    rolling loud is legendary that lineup will never beat Coachella.

  13. Rest in peace X

  14. this whole video gives me chills cant wait till may 10, 2019

  15. HunnitK says:

    Anyone else get goosebumps wen x came on?

  16. my dick got hard when they started playing R.I.P

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