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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Ranky Tanky :: O Death :: Live at Philadelphia Folk Festival – 8/19/17

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Ranky Tanky :: O Death :: Live at Philadelphia Folk Festival – 8/19/17


From the South Carolina low-country, where life is laced with African ways, comes Ranky Tanky, a quintet with music rooted in Gullah culture. Descendants of enslaved Africans isolated on the southeastern Sea Islands, Gullah is a unique mix of African and English that has shaped American art, food, language, and attitude. Translated loosely as “Get Funky!” Ranky Tanky updates traditional Gullah game songs, spirituals, and shouts with gospel vocals, jazz trumpet, and an R&B rhythm section.

“Ranky Tanky, from Charleston, S.C., sings old Gullah songs — some of them sly moral lessons — in arrangements that connect their beat to a New Orleans lilt.” – NEW YORK TIMES

“The biggest surprise of [GlobalFEST], Ranky Tanky proved that exotic music can be both unfamiliar enough to be surprising, and yet familiar enough to provoke swinging hips and nodding heads. When it works, it’s the best of both worlds.” – PASTE MAGAZINE

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13 Responses

  1. Wild Dismay says:

    Charlton is stellar here and I love Kevin's heartfelt/heart driven smiles around 4:38. Nothing better than great musicians building such teamwork.

  2. baby Jesus says:

    The whole song is simply amazing but I can’t help rewinding Quiana’s outro solo

  3. baby Jesus says:

    I work with a few great people who know some of the members. They sound like very great humbling and amazing people

  4. baby Jesus says:

    I can see this getting popular in he mainstream

  5. My son sent me their cd. I'm so glad someone is still making wonderful music like this. Fantastic.

  6. Bill Pochron says:

    I heard about this band on NPR great Sound!

  7. Great, haunting sound! I will be buying their CD!

  8. Chase Amos says:

    lmao so I was looking into ranky tanky bc my local radio station interviewed them all and this came on the radio as I was listening to it on my laptop

  9. I never heard of Ranky TAnky until I heard them on Fresh Aire . I love their sound!

  10. This is really, really incredible…

  11. DJ says:

    Chilling is right……haunting. Beautifully performed. Finally music I LOVE!

  12. Sandra Tadic says:

    Chilling. My bones hear you.

  13. Barbara Hall says:

    Love that trumpet intro…

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