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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Post Malone – Better Now (Reading + Leeds 2018)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Post Malone – Better Now (Reading + Leeds 2018)

CONTAINS SOME STRONG LANGUAGE | Post Malone performs Better Now at Reading + Leeds 2018. Visit the Reading + Leeds 2018 website for more videos and photos: https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/e4c84f


49 Responses

  1. You know its a success when people singing your song. Kudos Posty! U deserved it. One of the most humble rapper of all time

  2. yoyou yoyo says:

    so cooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!

  3. omg he can get a crowd goin'

  4. Groin Strain says:

    Gone are the days when artists would actually perform live. I'd rather hear an artist singing live and getting a few notes wrong and being mega tired, than a flawless autotuned backing track and the artist just hypes to it. Back in the day, musicians played music, singers could actually sing, and they could all do it live every night for years. Bands used to tour everywhere, all the time, and never need a backing track. Why is everything now done on backing track and the singers are barely singing. ALSO PUT YOUR FUCKING PHONES AWAY AND LIVE THE MOMENT

  5. MediTruth says:

    All the Goyim singing along with their Slave Master Zionist.

  6. What happened with the full show video?

  7. I think post malone is making me gay

  8. Thom Sexton says:

    I love post malone but Jesus Christ most of the crowd look like love island rejects… the crowd at leeds was the same (was there for the sunday this year) and it was full of knob heads. Festival has totally changed since 2008. In regards to the attitude of the audience.

  9. 2:20 the guy in the bottom left of the screen looks poes bored

  10. iFluvio says:

    Dudes trash. That is all.

  11. lukonawesome says:

    He makes his own genre of music

  12. Arno says:

    indeed it could be dope a song with Oliver Sykes

  13. Saeed Ajith says:

    Moved fn over eminem! In fact just jump a cliff before we push you over! HAHA!

  14. Who Cares says:

    I love post malone! Fuck i would do anything just to see him!

  15. boy girl says:

    Why does his face look swollen?

  16. Everyone in the comments are complaining about a back track. You would be surprised at the amount of artists that use the back track in live performances especially with such a large crowd. This dude is the REAL deal just go watch his bud light live at some dive bar performances where he has his drummer, guitarist, and is a smaller crowd and more intimate-it’s AMAZING! He is a great artist!

  17. Raul Lima says:

    Post malone brazil ✌✌✌☇
    Brasil 💪✌

  18. Cold Snagz says:

    Hate when people say he just uses a background track…. he proved all those fuckers wrong as he acc sounded better than the backing track

  19. Amazing vocal … This man is something else

  20. man you should perform with full band

  21. Is he singing or screaming. He smokes a lot which has caused a permanent damage to his voice.

  22. Joe Almond says:

    Remember when leeds and reading used to be good? Pepperidge farms remembers

  23. he's really great, wish i was there

  24. fuck , i live for this song. its a masterpiece! AWESOME PERFORMANCE! what a crowd !!!

  25. Isha Parekh says:

    Anyone thinks he kind of sounds like Danny Worsnop with the grit in his voice??

  26. Café Rider says:

    This crowd looks LIT!!!

  27. the backtrack is only there for the chorus, what is everyone talking about with him singing karaoke

  28. Sagger Mail says:

    I slept on Post for a while then when i actually said fuck it and listened he quickly became one of my favourite artist out right now and when an artist can perform live really well and get the crowd jumping like this you have to realise how good they really are.

  29. zombievey says:

    That's a whole Lotta white folks lol 🤘🏻😂

  30. My guy and lit crowd as always and blacks say they better in crowds 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  31. ruah Ruah says:

    i fuking love this song ~~

  32. Эминем задись этого дебила, все как под копирку!

  33. 0:30 and 2:28 he sings the backing vocals, soooo sick🔥🔥🔥

  34. this is fucking great.. he should bring a band on stage though. though he does have great stage presence solo.

  35. Flo Mcnasty says:

    1:48 that guys neck is getting wet af … orange skit lel

  36. Gisela g' says:

    canto bien ,pero deberia cuidar su voz

  37. Danni C says:

    Im not bitching about him using a backing track. But I've noticed a huge difference from his performances from a couple years ago to now. In an interview he talked about how he gets out of breath very quickly now. He has such insane talent in his voice and songwriting that its a little frustrating to see him struggling to keep up. He doesn't need autotune, filters, etc. That said, its impossible to miss how much fun hes having and thats awesome!

  38. Ja Boi RM says:

    Post keeps going.. I luvv his effort… Craaaazzzyy

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