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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: PD48 Ep.4-Boombayah Teams Reactions Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: PD48 Ep.4-Boombayah Teams Reactions Highlights

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29 Responses

  1. Ken says:


  2. 豪仔 says:

    AKB fans decided the result

  3. I miss Go Yujin so much 😭, my Rumor girl 💕

  4. Julen Duhau says:

    I love your PRODUCE48 reactions please do until the end of the program until the debut of IZONE

  5. Hellbayah was the best topic in the program

  6. Le0nes TV says:

    Did u know that was most biggest plot twist on 2018 bro the funniest thing in this battle black world forgot if snack team has japanese member literally snack have member with popularity so

  7. Kang Hyewon the rapper form hell xD~~~~~

  8. coolgirl312 says:

    God I get teary eyed every time I watch Team 2's Boombayah performance. They were the group of the remaining girls that no team wanted, 4/6 were Japanese girls, and they were the younger ones who didn't have much performing experience. Boombayah is the last song they'd want to perform since it was the most rap heavy song and they had no rappers on the team. Chowon and Hyewon really pulled the team together and as a result, they pulled off a miracle. And from a group that was essentially forced together because they weren't chosen by anyone else, they became one of the closest knit group of trainees on the show. I know a lot of people were mad at Team 1 for picking them, knowing they'd be the easiest target but I don't blame them because at the end of the day, this is still a competition and its all about survival. But I'm glad things worked out the way they did. Also if this didn't happen, Hyewon probably would've never tried to rap. It was because of this performance that she ended pretty much rapping the entire time on PD48.

  9. Team 2 kang hye won mother sato minami AKB48 ❤❤

  10. team 2 won team underdog class F .

  11. team 2 member chiba eri AKB48 & han cho won .

  12. 林嘉树 says:

    Group 1 is really strong, however group 2 is really weak that are combine by girls who people didn’t choose and leave at the choosing zone, if you see the whole episode. People think this is fine to choose weak team, cuz everyone want to win. But group 1, especially the leader laugh at group 2 member and say I could only imagine I win beside nothing, and being a kind of rude to group2 Japanese girl. You see she didn’t choose any jap in her group, but actually it has to be half half. That is why people dislike her and give many dislike to her video. “You can do anything to win, but you have to be a good person.” So on the other side, people see Hywon good personality. Jline cannot rap and nobody can do rap or want to rap, cus its hard. Then she raise her hand and say I will do this, and practice really hard. She said to her mom she never relate herself to rap and think she won’t do this in pd48, but she did and pretty good! Not like other girls, when teacher are serious, she is afraid how she gonna lose, but she didn’t cry. However when people says to hywon that she doing well, hywon cried. That is why I like hywon, she is hardworking and a really nice person with good virtues.

  13. Rizki Zulian says:

    Hyewon get knetz hearts because this performance.. yeah she sacrifices her self for boombayah team n get public attention.. n her relationship with Japanese member boost her popularity.

  14. Midzyy says:

    You should react to IZ*ONE Really Like You Showcase Stage when you have time! You will Really Like the song ^

  15. Black World leader Chaejeong unfortunately got the evil edit but she's with ELRIS now.
    Also, Han Chowon gets a lot of praise for this stage (and others!) and deservedly so but 10:14 Asai Nanami did really well with her lines and basically got the team the win with 144 votes lol the crowd loved her

  16. 불타오른 says:

    이 형님 스파이더맨 같다.

  17. Start from here kang hyewon got a nickname innocent rapper.. n she is my first pick.. my one pick.. i really like her start from here.. n in the final i really hope that she will debut..n she debut in izone🎉🎉

  18. Kwangbae's team is boombayah cute version….

  19. Choi Duck says:

    Waiting for very very evaluation

  20. Udin Chips says:

    team 2 deserve win,im cry when watching also voting them also, they disadvantage a lot but they show what they push their limit,

  21. Julie Yaaa says:

    Lol i wouldn't be surprised if hyewon wrote that snack in your area

  22. Ryl Phoenix says:

    Hyewon is so pretty. I'm having an identity crisis cuz of her

  23. MEI PO HO says:

    Hyewon have a nickname (From the hell rapper )come to this stage!😅😅😅

  24. Also team 2 won because people were mad at team one, idk if you are watching the full episodes but they made some wrong decisions and people didnt liked that, but im gratefull, if they didnt hyewon would probably never rapped or make it to izone. Sorry for my english

  25. I love how you are uploadind all in the same day, i cant sleep and now i have new stuff to watch

  26. pp says:

    6:51 Group 1 black one-piece girl= Rocket punch Sohee XD

  27. Tom says:

    awesome video dude

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