FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Ozzy Osbourne -Bark At The Moon live at Download Festival 2018

Ozzy Osbourne -Bark At The Moon live at Download Festival 2018
10/06/2018 Castle Donington, UK


34 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Ozzy Osbourne -Bark At The Moon live at Download Festival 2018

  1. THE BARK AT THE MOON SOLO AS IT SHOULD BE PLAYED! Zakk the ultimate Guitar Monster! He didn't miss a single note!!! Objectively, far better than Jake, comparing them two is a mere joke! I really really really, cannot understand why so much negativity against Zakk! It comes from deaf people, obviously…

  2. I love you OZZY!!!!!! Its sad hes still gotta come out and tour at 80 because his wife and kids have sucked him dry. Everyone thinks being on the road is easy but it takes a huge toll on your life and its alot of work at 80 years old. Ozzy should of made a half a billion dollars for himself by now so he could enjoy his last years in peace.

  3. As much as I love Ozzy every time I watch him on stage I always laugh it's because of his walk, taking his mic in and out of the mic stand walking from one side of the stage to the other he's just special there's no one else like him 😂

  4. Just to let you all know The No More Tears Concerts are being donated to charity as Ozzy 's Jack is not well ! I just hope he is able to finish all these . God Bless Ozzy . Peace and Love to All.

  5. Zakk literally ruined every song we heard tonight. He put a 5 minute solo in every fucking song and had a 20 minute solo all on his own just repeating the same riff over and over. The crowd was dead and there was no energy. Someone stop this lol.

  6. Ozzy's band blows! I guess he doesn't want to find guys that can blow these turds out of the water. Alice Coopers band is a perfect example of getting great musicians to bring the songs to life. These guys have no feel at all.

  7. Come on ppl…hes still got it. And obviously his music is still loved by us fans. If hes doing it for sharon, maybe because shes his wife. He loves her. And most importantly he can…Prince of Darkness!!!

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