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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Official Outlook 2017 Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Official Outlook 2017 Highlights

In 2017 Outlook Festival celebrated 10 years in the game, bringing together some of our favourite artists, DJ’s, promoters, partners to our home at Fort Punta Christo!

Re-live the madness, captured here by DGTL Concepts.

Join us at Outlook 2018 for another all-killer, no-filler festival!

Tickets on sale now:
Book in Pounds: http://bit.ly/OF18ptl
Book in Euros: http://bit.ly/OF18etl


7 Responses

  1. raklo 420 says:

    Fuck this music and black peoples

  2. Wald Bär says:

    Tracklist would be nice 😉

  3. didi_psycho says:

    This video made me cry 4 times, and Ive only watched it once . Thank you Outlook for rocking our world every year. <3

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