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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Nicky Romero – Ultra Music Festival 2019 Mainstage

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Nicky Romero – Ultra Music Festival 2019 Mainstage

Nicky Romero LIVE at Ultra Miami 2019 Mainstage!

Pre-save ‘Love You Forever’ by Nicky Romero, Stadiumx & Sam Martin now: http://prot.cl/LYFYo

Full Tracklist ► http://1001.tl/d9g46xk


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39 Responses

  1. Nicky Romero says:

    Another Ultra Miami to never forget! 🔥🔥🔥What was your favorite moment?

  2. DJ ALEX says:

    What do you smoke in Holland, what do you write such cosmic music?

  3. 45:50 Please tell me the title of this music‼️

  4. Alwe123 Alwi says:

    Besttttt i like nicky romero

  5. Lea says:

    Absolutely epic set, Nicky!!🤘🔥🔥

  6. Oye Ese Cumbion Papu en el minuto 14:45

  7. Fiona Ko says:

    AMAZINGGG SET! I've always loved your energy. Can't wait to see you at Electroland!

  8. That Teamworx – Clap Back edit was from another dimension 🔥

  9. Alfredo Vera says:

    Best F**cking intro ever! The set was incredible and so emotional!

  10. Vpxgamer says:

    Ultimate First Drop Button: 1:46

  11. Vpxgamer says:

    Ultimate First Drop Button: 1:46

  12. @ Nicky Romero & Stadiumx – ID release date?

  13. Mainstage fuck yeah! Nicky you're a goddamn beast! Well done my friend! Well. Fucking. Done.

  14. 23:30 when Nicky Romero steals the Crunkz tunes 😁

  15. THE FLASH says:


  16. Rahul Kale says:

    What a set 🔥🔥🔥

  17. pigpus says:

    You are the best
    Dope awesome

  18. John Diaz says:

    Nicky conchetumare, porque cancelas el evento en Perú xd

  19. Zull says:

    Best clossing nicky set ever❤❤❤❤

  20. BlastBeats says:

    Hey PROGRESSIVE HOUSE WARRIORS!!! i would mean the world to me if you could check out the small teaser of a track i am currently working on.
    It will only take a minute to listen…. i hope you like it, feedback is always welcome 😉


  21. Manuel Lazo says:

    5 days and were gonna live itttt, from Perú 😀

  22. Gaa gozuu !🔥🙌🆒

  23. Love the way you mix.. even if i dont like every song you mix here I can't deny you do always a great work. I had that perception from years since Toulouse hit.. you are one of my favourites ever 😍. I would love to learn from you how to do the kaboum in my songs lol.. I love to dance and I love the heavy beat you always drop.. hope some day I would do the same in my songs lol.. peace and keep the great job😍

  24. ekim179100 says:

    If your whole body wasn't swaying 5 minutes in, do you even have a pulse?? That Nicky Romero/Protocol sound reps the best brightest and most festive of Big Room & Prog House and shows why these genres need to stay. This set puts a literal smile on my face, the effect uplifting Trance and Classical is supposed to have on listeners. So many memorable and meaningful songs from Protocol here too. 💓💓

  25. Honestly love Nicky Romero. All his sets are INSANE

  26. The is never a dull moment on your set, I still hope you'll be back SA one more time. You're the reason with Avicii that made me to fall in love with this music. You're an entertainer . I love your work energy. Super set as always.

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