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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: 'My Juanita' THE FIREBIRDS (Firebirds Festival) BOPFLIX sessions

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: 'My Juanita' THE FIREBIRDS (Firebirds Festival) BOPFLIX sessions

BOPFLIX session with rock ‘n’ roll, doo wop band – THE FIREBIRDS (GERMANY) – performing cover of ‘My Juanita’ original by The Crests. Filmed at THE FIREBIRDS FESTIVAL, Schloss Trebsen, Leipzig, Germany (2018).

Also featured on http://www.rockabilly-radio.net





17 Responses

  1. Jeff A. says:

    Awesome, but man those suits…..

  2. A good sound and a cool look. I enjoyed this video. Best wishes to you fellas!

  3. Hepkat 64 says:

    yay Doo Wop great sound love the suits guys 👍👍

  4. bravo, bravo, bravissimo 🙂

  5. SNOOP U 2 says:

    That got me rocking at 9:33am on a Tuesday ♥️

  6. Gwendo Metz says:

    Doo wap'so good😻happy swing 💟

  7. KE GS says:

    Nice sound mix, tight band.

  8. Great to hear some proper Doo-Wop.

  9. Mc Devious says:

    These guys are pretty good a cappella. Great suits and great playing.

  10. max leyenda says:

    My juanita, good firebirds 😀

  11. Magnificent !..Best regards from Russia!

  12. Baby Showers says:

    Super smooth vocals! That’s Rock & roll!!!

  13. Best! Like always!
    With love, from Russia!!

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