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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Mariah Carey SLAYED At ‘World Blockchain Festival 2018’ (Vocal Highlights)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Mariah Carey SLAYED At ‘World Blockchain Festival 2018’ (Vocal Highlights)

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39 Responses

  1. As always lambily, Mariah sounded amazing during this concert and I can't wait to get more full footage so I can upload some performances and do a full vocal showcase for the event soon HERE https://youtu.be/P3CFJ6taJkY! <3
    EMOTIONS FULL! https://youtu.be/M2zh82YDeM4
    VISION OF LOVE FULL https://youtu.be/NZ0beYbj8LQ

  2. Jayk Knight says:

    i want to hear the full performace of fantasy. from the snippets ive heard im FLOORED. she has clearly been working with a vocal coach and doing exercises like she should. im so fricking proud

  3. Her body is so wow, I really in love with this girl
    Guys please visit the video about her LIVE vocal range from 1990-2018 & leave a comment

  4. fat man says:

    This tone is even better than TBR, but I feel like this is definitely one of those tours that get better over time. Remember last time when she started in Japan lol

  5. And the Queen rises once again! Silence these haters! Looking forward to the new era…The new album!

  6. She needs to lay off the cupcakes.

  7. John De Leon says:

    I think Mimi fans should start accepting the fact that her voice is changing. I mean.. she’s close to 50.

  8. It's sad because everyone tries to attack her when she sounds better than 90% of the people on the charts. This was a good performance, I'm happy for her.

  9. Is that a F5 my ears picked up at 0:56

  10. 1993yasu0622 says:

    Yes, She was so great!!! This was the first time to see her in my whole life. Lipped parts were less. I was so overwhelmed!!!!

  11. Damn, always be my baby is on fire 🔥🔥

  12. That yellow dress reminds me of her song "Get Your Number" 💛

  13. JK says:

    I love whoever is her new wardrobe person, is making really good outfit choices for her. And the new classy direction of all her new videos. This is the best of her yet!

  14. kouka says:

    sorry there were no highlights here… generally TBR back in july was much better. she was struggling a lot, a lot of lack of support and a lot of off key belts… she should take vocal coaching

  15. I don't know guys… I mean, I'm not hater. Mariah is probably my favourite female artist of all time, but when you say that she sounds amazing live I just can't hear that. Every live performance I listen to just makes me sad.

  16. I don't know…
    Not that great.

  17. #1 to infinity again here…. even she was on the mood with her voice here …… i still get that same feel she did a year ago… yet she slayed…. this maybe a warm up for her voice 🙂

  18. Blue Yoshi says:

    omg 2:07 come through with the charmbracelet tour style video lmao

  19. Miclo Bowers says:

    Push thru with the vocals tho …her catalog is unparalleled!!

  20. joe button says:

    Now we know CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE 😍😘 #QUEENOFCHRISTMAS #L4L #Ilovemariahcarey

  21. aa311 says:

    Yaaasss slay! what?… yass is outdated?… so is 240p camera footage so bite me. Mariah is timeless tho so shhh.

  22. EmilieSagae says:

    Don't think she sounds as good here as iHeartRadio…

  23. Ortega D. says:

    I just want 5 likes because I'm having a hard time😭..btw love u mariah❤

  24. Lamb Lamb says:

    Music Box tour footages are quaking

  25. Simón Glodoviza: No, it's not the corset. Many opera singers, Maria Callas for example, sung with very tight corsets and could hold notes forever or sing very long phrases in one breath. The problem with Mariah is that her vocal technique is gone. She doesn't know how to breath anymore or hold a note properly or support or place high in the face resonators. She is singing way too open in the back of her throat (sometimes it sounds like a scream). I wish she worked with a good voice teacher. She could recover her voice if she wanted to spend the time re training her voice. I LOVE HER so much but I don't understand why she is not working harder on her instrument. It's sad.

  26. japan always got the best version of mimi


  28. be diphrent says:

    her tone is magical here! love it. so unique & SOLID. love love love her tone. her voice is so fucking fragile & unique its crazy! its FOREVER changing, but always sounding amazing

  29. Éric Moreau says:

    Éric Moreau

    Yess Majesty @MariahCarey My All I Wish So to May it Dream .. Like to Live In Paradise My Dream Hummm My Sunshine Majesty I Love You

  30. J RLOC says:

    She sounds GREAT and looks AMAZING!!! ❤️

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