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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Mariah Carey SLAYED At 'Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival 2019' (Highlights)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Mariah Carey SLAYED At 'Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival 2019' (Highlights)

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Info!!! Thank you SO much to lunarsnow for all the footage, please check out the full videos on their channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cru-7XoDklc

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49 Responses

  1. Hexar says:

    i knew it was because of the damn corset! all those times.. #justiceforcorsetlessmariah

  2. I love dreamlover’s new key, she sounds angelic

  3. xejelah says:

    Can someone ask MC when we're getting a live dvd already? She could even Netflix that shit so we can chill. This has gone on for far too long. She can't do 4 tours and residency legs a year and not film any of them.

  4. Ryan Timm says:

    Those high belts yassss come through!

  5. Sherry Gryba says:

    Yes, Mariah, Look's great. Lost weight and such a pretty Auqu blue shade color with tiny flowers on the side of her dress. Very sexy and classy. She doesn't disappoint. She give's it her all. Always, have been a Fan since, The very first song i heard from her. I had a Vision and it was all you have given to me, and the next best thing to Whitney Houston and that is saying something huge for Mariah, Keep continuing with being Successful!! You got it Girl!! and then some!!! : ) Ps, Your song's come from the heart.

  6. Sherry Gryba says:

    The sound and visual picture not good. Can't watch it very bad and I love Mariah Cary singing. Sorry! Ty : )

  7. oenrob98000 says:

    What's Mariah doing at jazz festivals these days?! 🙄

  8. Marlon Reid says:

    If this is what “slaying” is for Mariah in 2019 then she literally Nuked and massacred the 90’s and 2000’s
    There will never be another voice like hers. EVER

  9. Her tbr tone is back! Omg im crying😭

  10. That intro "I'm slowly losing my mind" is me while revising my finals

  11. Tylar says:

    Shes still an amazing singer.. Im just not in love with her current tone, she sounds tired an hoarse, i can hear her struggling with the notes.. I think her voice needs rest

  12. blurdreamer says:

    when Mariah say its Christmas, then it is!! lol, love that

  13. Did she take the corset off here cause her breath support is crazy

  14. Que Avant says:

    **Lip roll**
    Dream Lover!
    **Hits most beautiful C7**

  15. Jett Rusiana says:

    Galeng pa ren! Swerte netong mga nka panood neto.

  16. andi akbar says:

    The dolphin gave her power recharge..

  17. Wayne Lucas says:

    I feel like the audience just really lifted her spirits & filled her up with so much happiness & confidence 😍

  18. Jharm Lee says:

    Omg her voice is back 😍

  19. Oliver Hart says:

    Please try not to be delusional when you read this: sadly she has been lipping MIH bridge entirely for a while now.. So please don't give the impression to those who see the video that she's doing it live, because she is not. After a couple of 'not so impeccable' performances in Vegas in February she started lipping it. And it's ok as long as it's a temporary thing. I'm anxiously waiting for the moment she will feel confident enough to try to nail it live again. Please note that I know what I'm talking about. MIH is my favourite song and I know every live version that has ever been posted online. Actually I've been carefully listening to all her live performances since the birth of YouTube in 2005 and I've been a lamb for almost 2 decades.

  20. S P says:

    Why is she always doing these obscure festivals??

  21. I wish I went to that concert since I live close to Curaçao. She sounded amazing

  22. Dean Nguyen says:

    why is she still performong #beautiful asgfdsahsadasdhsadasdh i mean i love it so im not complaining, just perplexed

  23. legasiguy says:

    Haven't heard her do that high register in a long time! Sounds like 1995! She still looks hot as well! Still the best female voice of the last 50 years!

  24. Lamb Balita says:

    Okay I might just be nitpicking here, but I do think One Sweet Day should at least be given a break now. Nevertheless, she 👑.

  25. averylazyhoe says:

    i wish i could tame her nodules with some magical powers just to see what happens to her voice

  26. tomás says:

    she sounds so much better without the corset restricting her breath

  27. Joseph P. says:

    Her new manager is doing a great job. I mean, since she got away from Stella's reign of terror, she's slowly getting good publicity back again! Congrats Queen!❤… Caution deserves a grammy dahhling!

  28. d oliver says:

    Is this a recent new performances?

  29. One sweet day was amazing

  30. CyprusHot says:

    She’s so beautiful.
    Lonely tone to her voice ! MC is the greatest !

  31. spectacular vocals 🥰🥰🥰
    Love You Mimi🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  32. Dark Requiem says:

    Lambs, am I the only one here who noticed that Ari' 7 Rings sounded similar to Caution??? Even in her music video, it has the blue and pink motif.

  33. Lorenzo Dy says:

    C#5 is waving so hard!! 💞💞🎉

  34. The humidity worked in her favour 🦋

  35. Renan Piltz says:

    4:44 is AMAZING! It kinda reminds me of the things Whitney used to do <3

  36. Jordavian B says:

    everytime mariah sings emotions all i can think is “just walk me down”

  37. Alle TATA says:

    No one mentioned it so I’m gonna
    Trey lost so much weight!!! 💕

  38. DJQTUBE says:

    Let's just talk about how stunning that blue-green floral dress is on her!

  39. mimi mure says:

    I'm getting adventures of Mimi vibes. Wow. And omg she looks sooo damn amazing. And she looks hella happy. 🌸🌸🌸

  40. She sound like Between the Rainbow era and Charmbracelet

  41. Pop Royalty says:

    This bitch went crazy!!!

  42. Vocals 4 U says:

    Dreamlover vocals omg she's back

  43. Sean Norte says:

    I love herrrrr soooo muchhhhhh

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