FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Mariah Carey – Live Highlights “Essence Music Festival” 2016

Live Performance at Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA, USA July 2, 2016 Best Vocal Compilation

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1. Shake It Off
2. It’s Like That
3. Emotions
4. My All
5. Don’t Forget About Us
6. Honey (So So Def Remix)
7. Always Be My Baby
8. Vision of Love
9. Fantasy
10. Touch My Body
11. Heartbreaker
12. Make It Happen
13. We Belong Together + Remix & Butterfly (Outro)


41 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Mariah Carey – Live Highlights “Essence Music Festival” 2016

  1. Wow her pianist is incredible! Especially when they improve together. He creates her so many chord possibilities. I've noticed him the past year. So great. I actually think he makes her a better singer!

  2. Can you do a mega mix/vocal highlights/compilation video of the thank god I found you in Vegas from this year and last? I loved those powerful vocal compilation videos of songs like we belong together and make it happen that you used to do. Where you combined parts of different live performances

  3. Generally the night was good, but why doesn't she go with the original run in VOL anymore? I mean she was capable of doing it early this year in her Vegas shows.

  4. is make it happen the song that has been with us the longest on tours and maybe the most performed? even recent years she has been performing it once at least. one of my big faves.

  5. Even though this was probably her "weakest" performance vocally this year so far, for to fuckin slay like she did…Wow. That's a VOCALIST. There are some really amazing moments here! 😢😢

  6. Her mediums are still very beautiful, strong and resonant, with a unique tone. Past D5 it's scratchy. But her voice was in relatively great shape here. And God she killed the Emotion introduction. I truly believe her voice shines the most when she sings slowly and melodiously. With her current voice, uptempo is not working for her.

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