FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Marc Martel + Ultimate Queen Celebration @ New Bedford Festival (05.08.2018) ~ Highlights

Show Highlights Fan Videos Compilation from the Live Concert. The Greatest Hits of Queen. Feast of the Blessed Sacrament. Madeira Field, New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The audience of 15,000+ people!



Beth Iwanicki

Quinn Lemley

Marc Martel

Feast Of The Blessed Sacrament

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49 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Marc Martel + Ultimate Queen Celebration @ New Bedford Festival (05.08.2018) ~ Highlights

  1. I literally weep tears of joy everytime I listen to Marc Martel singing and playing any Queen/Freddie Mercury song… it moves me in a way that words cannot truly express. It fills a void in my heart and soul in a lot of ways… not completely of course because no one will ever fill the void that was left when Freddie Mercury passed. But Marc's humble brilliance and talent definitely speaks to me in a way that is on par with the way Freddie's brilliance and talent does.

  2. Sigo sin entender… Como es que Marc Martel no tiene mucha fama… En todos los conciertos que veo de el.. no se compara ni a la Quinta parte de Queen+Adam Lambert…

    En mi punto de vista… siento que es muchisisismo mejor Marc que Adam aunque sinceramente Adam tiene lo suyo… pero sinceramente Marc deberia estar en Queen Oficial y no en Queen Extravaganza…

  3. I opened my eyes I looked up to the sky and I heard Freddie reborn. Marc was personally picked by Freddie and was sent to this world by him not to replace him but to show us that he's still alive in Marc. Come on Brian what are you waiting for.

  4. Estuve en El concierto del Casino de Ottawa El 11 de agosto..y marc Martel es la rencarnacion de Freddie …voy  verlo otra vez en octubre en montreal..si tienen la oportunidad de ver los vayan y disfruten de un show unico…

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