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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Lost Lands Music Festival 2017 – Official Recap Video

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Lost Lands Music Festival 2017 – Official Recap Video

Announcing Lost Lands Sept. 14th-16th 2018! Tickets on sale Friday, December 1st at 2PM EST

Watch the Official Lost Lands Music Festival 2017 Recap Video now!

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Filmed by:
Sam Spafford
Matt Henry
James Winterhalter


38 Responses

  1. the best dubstep video i've ever seen . amazing festival

  2. Am I the only one who managed to get a tear?
    It is so beautiful.

  3. rockband905 says:

    I just can't stop the feeling.

  4. I wish I had the shirts they're wearing at 3:00

  5. Adam Fry says:

    I. HAVE. TO . GO. TO. THIS

  6. Ramses Lara says:

    This is my real home not edc.. 😍😳 can't wait to be there and break my neck!

  7. This year will be my first time going and it’ll be my first music festival. I can’t wait!!

  8. venkat yadav says:

    Damn …tats a paradise for Dubstep lovers😎

  9. Who's crying ? I'm not crying. Shut up.

  10. That excision opening doe 😩😻

  11. wheres me lost lamds 2018 fam at

  12. Mintae Kim says:

    I can't wait to go there!

  13. ItzZ says:

    0:25 is that NameBran ?

  14. Goosebumps everytime i watch this video🖤

  15. jorge robles says:

    Como se llaman los mens que se paresen a daft punk???? Version verga

  16. who is planning to go in 2018, from Georgia?

  17. I'm not crying, you're crying.

  18. brandon says:

    i wanna go sooo fucking baddd, but ohio? 😭

  19. M0NSTER2020 says:

    this will be worth flying to from Australia, fucking oath cuntys

  20. EMMA BRANDAO says:

    Sei lá
    … do nada deu uma vontade de ser rica… 🤷‍♀️ #bestparty

  21. oechikr says:

    1,000,000 WATTS OF BASS FOR THIS YEAR 2018 goosebumps

  22. MicahsWeird says:

    Hyped for Bass Canyon.. & it's going to be at the gorge, which is such a fucking beautiful & dope ass venue.

    Can't wait 🙂

  23. Brian Payne says:

    Im going in 2018 🙂 So stoked for this

  24. I lived in Ohio for 18 years… the next one is In Thornville… anyone trying to go?!?!

  25. Going this year, solo headbanger from England!

  26. Azerty music says:

    I will pre-order the tickets for 2022 edition!!! Lost land 🤞🔊🔊🔊

  27. Leane Rigx says:

    Nothing to say words…
    I can’t stop watching this

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