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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Longwalkshortdock 2016 Festival Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Longwalkshortdock 2016 Festival Highlights

Behold! Here are some highlights from my 2016 festival season! My utmost thanks and appreciation to Shambhala Music Festival, Bass Coast Festival and Motion Notion Festival (official) for the chance to share my music and for continuing to inspire me to be a more creative and diverse songwriter and performer. Last year was a rough one for me and I can honestly say my favorite parts of it were on stage, so a gigantic thanks to all of you amazing and awesomely dressed people that came to support the shows. Much love. Captured in all its glory by the masterful Rebel Cause Films. Check it out!


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  1. Syl Lys says:

    Hey Dave, nice track brother. Had a great time at your Astral set this year, despite the delay.. we were all just ready to get soaked. Are you planning on releasing a new album in the near future or is it going to be singles incoming?

  2. Thems some freaks!
    Lemme if you come to Denver!

  3. James G says:

    What is this soooooong? Jesus Christ so good

  4. I have been to Sham and Astral many times but I always miss you. I finally saw you at sham and it was incredible. That 5am final set on the last day was one of the rowdiest greasiest times I have ever had and I loved it.

  5. Arg Etect says:

    the man the myth the legend! new music cookin?!

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