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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Linkin Park – Live I-Days Milano Festival 2017

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Linkin Park – Live I-Days Milano Festival 2017

Linkin Park playing live at the I-Days Milano Festival 2017.


Setlist: Notes:
01. Fallout 0:30
02. Talking To Myself 1:40
03. Burn It Down 5:28
04. The Catalyst 9:20
05. Wastelands 14:18
06. One Step Closer 17:44
07. Castle Of Glass 21:55
08. Good Goodbye 25:40
09. Lost In The Echo 29:05
10. New Divide 31:51
11. Invisible 36:30
12. Waiting For The End 40:09
13. Breaking The Habit 45:40
14. One More Light 50:00
15. Crawling 55:32
16. Leave Out All The Rest 58:49
17. A Place For My Head 1:03:38
18. What I’ve Done 1:07:43
19. In The End 1:12:11
20. Faint 1:15:42
21. Numb 1:19:49
22. Heavy 1:24:02
23. Papercut 1:26:44
24. Bleed It Out 1:29:57
(setlist by: lplive)


37 Responses

  1. LP 2017 says:

    RIP Chester Bennington

  2. IdraliG says:

    Mettete al 50:50
    Play at 50:50

  3. D-M USMATIC says:

    gone but never forgotten, i'm still shocked and cant stop thinking about Chester, fly high my angel i have never missed anyone as much as i miss you

  4. korea 95 says:

    We miss you chester😢

  5. Always thank you for everything you all did for us. I grew up with you and everything was better with your songs. Thank you so much by my heart <3

  6. mikisc says:

    One year ago. We miss you. Italy miss you.

  7. 1 year ago… so sad, can't believe Chester.

  8. Zama says:

    Exactly 1 year ago…. I was there. Rest in peace Legend. U are in our hearts forever.

  9. Luis Ginesta says:

    54:10 one of the best scream from one more light. Hands down guys

  10. It's amazing how Chester even with the bad voice still manages to be a monster on the vocals! the best.

  11. DAKOTA REMMY says:


  12. Valy George says:

    Why? Chester Bennigton legends like you never die

  13. chol kong says:

    🤘🏻So good……….

  14. triste em ver isso , mas feliz pela internet nos deixar lembrar sempre , quem foi essa banda tão incrível que marcou uma geração .. obrigado Chester , Obrigado LP .

  15. Great show. Linkin Park is my favorite band. Chester era fantástico.

  16. Ondrej Skyva says:


  17. perfect mike👏👏👏rip chester cant 4get u!


  19. Mi manchi Chester ❤❤❤

  20. carme barros says:

    espero que tenha encontrado a paz .descanse em paz vai fazer um ano

  21. 東奏汰 says:


  22. SUMAN says:

    man where are you? come back plz..stage wants u 🙁

  23. Terry Boyle says:

    My name is terrible and like Linkin Park

  24. LP 2017 says:

    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who can make a simple animated video for a mashup I made of two LP songs, which will be uploaded on the channel. If anyone can do this and wants to help out please let me know or send me a PM


  25. Alen Orto says:

    I was there you motherfuckers

  26. 56:20 Me singing Mike's part in Crawling.. xD

  27. Andrea Dessi says:

    Fantastico Mike che va in soccorso a Chester!!!

  28. Still watching to remember how I felt that night in Monza! Chester never die

  29. Certa vez (as pessoas nem se lembram)fiz um cover do vocalista do Depeche Mode.e ainda outros ainda melhores.
    E cantar eu cantava bem.
    Falando com meu vazio ,

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