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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Liam Gallagher – Roll With It (Glastonbury 2019)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Liam Gallagher – Roll With It (Glastonbury 2019)

Liam Gallagher performs Roll With It at Glastonbury 2019. Guidance: Contains very strong language. Visit bbc.co.uk/glastonbury for more videos and photos


34 Responses

  1. m e says:

    Good but it needs Bonehead

  2. Liam sounds good but the band are garbage on this . Drums are robotic and rythm of guitars is off. While thimgnis to slow and who is murdering the backing vocals.

  3. Mah Oê says:

    Que banda fraca, baterista fraco.

  4. Matthew Gage says:

    Where's Coylie when you need him? And whoever sang the backing vocals needs a word with themselves

  5. Que se yo, para mí que Liam pidió que los vocales de fondo (originalmente hechos por Noel) los hagan de la peor forma posible a propósito, como para burlarse de él o que le moleste. No creo que semejante artista no se dé cuenta de lo horrendo que suenan esos coros TANTOS recitales seguidos. Es mi humilde parecer

  6. Olly G says:

    The band sucks big time. Drummer’s snare sounds like fucking shit, guess why there’s no dynamics. Second guitarist looks like he’s having a constant panic attack all the time, Jay Mehler looks cool but something weird with his tone, Drew should go back to Babyshambles and stop trying to be Noel.

  7. liam7 says:

    O povo chato, meo. Ficam criticando tudo, esse show está bom demais. AWESOME!

  8. Lola Samuals says:

    Noel said. Days ago that. Liam. Made oasis songs sound weedy and thin. , at glastonbury ,Noel. Have you ever heard your acoustic sets. You need a good mate to tell ya. Your voice is made of. Straw, Liam s. Honey and chainsaws. Sing jealous guy in the shower. Tune up

  9. 38highbury says:

    Skeleton needs to sort that weedy guitar sound. Also change the drummer

  10. Jao Lin says:

    Guidance: Contains very weak backing vocals.

  11. Ben Boyce says:

    Noel was right, it does sound weedy and thin

  12. Paul Mairs says:

    Playing with a below average Friday night pub band. Fucking dreadful. No soul, no passion, shit sound, horrendous backing vocals…dear me 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. Terribile tribute band excluding the singer

  14. no not says:

    he can't sing in tune anymore..

  15. bordertide says:

    Nothing's changed in 30 years – No Noel no performance. Liam the half trick pony had his last good musical day in 1996.

  16. So amazing Watch this again and look at Liam's band? They're shook! Don't know whether it's the crowd or Liam himself, probably both, but completely no good looking at Liam for some assurance or guidance – he was in the zone! 🤷‍♂. Never even liked this Oasis song, and I'll never just put it on to listen to, but I'll definitely watch this live version again. Liam was in top form.

  17. Can't believe how much his voice improved 🤷‍♂

  18. Funeral e banda do Noel que simplesmente admitiu está velho chato

  19. Them backing vocals are hilariously bad

  20. MOST boring fucking front man ever …. dance or move ya turd!!!!

  21. Sam Johnson says:

    Not heard this for a while! Well played.

  22. Iuri says:

    We <3 u Noel? WFT lol

  23. Apathy Kills says:

    Pathetic. Proves that Noel was the real talent.

  24. Someone tell the crowd this is a great tune

  25. Dan Cover says:

    Liam get a fitness trainer…… At some point you are gonna look like Vince Neil or worst, Axl Rose…..

  26. Mags bags says:

    the guitarist looks like he thnks Noel is in the crowd with a sniper rifle

  27. Oasis suck as a band. As their individual components, they suck even harder. Utter shite.

  28. Maxismaximal says:

    Sound Engineer got fired

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