FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Jacob Collier Live @ Musikmesse 2018 w/ Yamaha Music

Jacob performs live at Musikmesse 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany in collaboration with Yamaha Music. Jacob uses only Yamaha instruments in this one-off incarnation of his unique one-man-show.

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30 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Jacob Collier Live @ Musikmesse 2018 w/ Yamaha Music

  1. Jacob is amazing (there’s actually no word to describe him). I’ve never seen or heard of anyone who can do what he does. It’s like he’s from another plane of existence; I can’t believe a human being can do this. I’m absolutely blown away.

  2. Here we see musical styles apart from the real-life situations which birthed them. Am I right? I’m Thinking particularly about blues and jazz, which came out of much suffering and other life experiences, especially in the Americas.
    It is a testament to the age we live in that a young man growing up in London can expertly pick the fruits of those troubled gardens, without having lived any of the roots.
    This really is an age of knowledge available widely, apart from its original context. What do we lose without the context, without the roots?

  3. Bullshit! I play live solo with multiple instruments myself, not at the same time, but Jacob inspires me to do so.

    A: You don't have to deal with any of the issues of having other musicians, number one issue being $$$$ of course, but there are many many logistical issues with having other musicians.

    B: You get 100% artistic control. A musicians dream!

    I saw Jacob Collier perform at Hollywood bowl for Playboy Jazz fest, and it was SO inspiring.
    Keep on doing THAT!

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