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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: J Balvin – Reggaeton – Live at Coachella 2019 Saturday April 13, 2019

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: J Balvin – Reggaeton – Live at Coachella 2019 Saturday April 13, 2019


42 Responses

  1. Kush -760 says:

    30 min away and I went and saw it best show ever👌

  2. Mire ese consiento todo apagado


  4. best of coachella ❤️🤩

  5. so, this pleople really like this shit?

  6. Mamtha Paul says:

    Crowd please move.. 🙄

  7. J Balvin the best show in Coachella

  8. Muy bueno oya 🙄💕

  9. Llvargas57 says:

    Siendo sinceros si yo estuviera ahí estaría partiéndome la cadera allá…

  10. I’m need that second song drop

  11. the biggest Latin artist in the industry right now… only 2 live musicians on stage!! i will always condemn this, it's just disgraceful!!
    put together a kick ass 10 piece band and make this reggaeton sound like a fucking beast!!!

  12. Brisley 89 says:

    Y la gente que habla ingles, como entendió la canción? :v

  13. No mames,para mí está canción es como un himno…

  14. Ven a mi pagina a escuchar NUEVO REGGATON 2019

  15. J BALVIN MEN says:

    Lo mejor 🇧🇷❤❤❤

  16. Yone Cruz says:


  17. Espero si lo pongan en el Corona Capital para ver a la raza arder jaja

  18. Esta si fui la mejor actuación !!!😍😎😎

  19. Post the rosalia peformance

  20. It was super exciting to see the Mexican girls with their flag enjoying the Latino sound.
    Super proud of having J Balvin as a voice for us Colombians out there!

  21. There should be a Coachella in Brazil just to see the crowd going insane

  22. soraya says:

    Post the one with rosalia

  23. Rosa Sastra says:

    Please upload rosalia permonce

  24. joe budi says:

    Him and bad bunny. Interesting they have so much Spanish guys

  25. Más de Mon Laferte please

  26. todo el concierto comparte . fue lo mejor de coachella

  27. Só faltou chamar a Anitta pro show

  28. Llegué temprano omg😍😍 gracias Coachella

  29. ELI VERTI says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me encantaa

  30. VonBoyka says:

    #thumbsUP COACHELLA Youtube Channel… 1080p RESOLUTION really!!? ..it´s 2019!! any one can up at 4K resolution!!! ..#WTF!! give us 4K!! #supportThisComment #ComeOnPeople

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