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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Hilltop Hoods – Leave Me Lonely (Falls Festival Highlights)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Hilltop Hoods – Leave Me Lonely (Falls Festival Highlights)

‘The Great Expanse’ listen now: https://hilltophoods.lnk.to/TheGreatExpanseYT

Subscribe to Hilltop Hoods channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3MvNfKIhwubtPr2LMOFSZA?sub_confirmation=1

Hilltop Hoods:
Facebook: https://facebook.com/hilltophoods
Instagram: http://instagram.com/hilltophoods
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hilltophoods
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/VBp2qQ
Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/hilltop-hoods/83106206
Website: http://www.hilltophoods.com


30 Responses

  1. Thanks again to all the staff, crew and punters at Falls Music and Arts Festival. In particluar, everyone down in Marion Bay who saw the New Year in with us, that was really something.

  2. youse will always be my favourite I never can get enough of your music it’s cRazy !! 🤩

  3. Still the kings of Aus hip-hop

  4. Please give a show out of Australia, I would love to see perform! I prefer West Europe (Belgium!). Please!

  5. hilltop hoods are the literal best thing that walked earth, let alone from adelaide

  6. thebumshow says:

    Still rockin it here in Holland

  7. XCROSSYX says:

    I got no time for Aussie kids who wanna be American! MOLLY?? bring back certified wise when the hoods aren't trying to be seppos

  8. Nope No says:

    Wish u guys would come to Seattle

  9. Чуваки приезжайте в Россию

  10. Caryl Dineen says:

    Now my new favourite song on my play list along with 1955❤️

  11. Love yas! Cant wait 4 new alb guys, bring it coz u's still got it….. Adelaide! THE HOME IFVTYE BADDEST!

  12. Jethro X says:

    Still no 1 dance band of Australia

  13. Please come back to Los Angeles. Plz….

  14. ERROR*** YEA YEA!! We will be alright 3 3 3 < < <

  15. was this in Australia?

  16. Bart Alder says:

    Hilltops are the best thing to ever come out of South Australia.

  17. Am I cool kid since I listen to this lol but keep this work up!!

  18. Bailey Kings says:

    I was at falls festival Fremantle and oh lordy you guys went off keep up the great work

  19. Ned Jumps! says:

    Best band ever!!! If u dont like this song you dont live

  20. Angus Lang says:

    Dope song my dudes, keep up the good work

  21. Hammer1cH says:

    That was the best night of my life and too these highlights had me reliving it all over again <3

  22. Keep it up my boys😁🤟🏻

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