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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Highlights – 6th Bollywood & Multicultural Dance Festival Greece

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Highlights – 6th Bollywood & Multicultural Dance Festival Greece

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Attendance to the 6th Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival exceeded all precedent! On Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st, “Dora Stratou” Theater was tightly packed with festival goers, who all became a large joyous company.

Participants with great enthusiasm also attended the Festival’s dance workshops, as well as the Opening Beach Party, where all friends and guests of the Organizers were PRESENT!!

This much anticipated festival mesmerized hundreds of dance fans, who had the chance to enjoy top-notch moments of cultural unification through the performances of diverse dance groups. Our dancers from the 1st Bollywood Academy Greece, accompanied by dancers and dance groups from India, Spain, U.S.A., Poland, Armenia, Finland, Germany, France, Ukraine and Romania, among others, presented exclusive performances and choreographies that were created especially for the Festival and were warmheartedly applauded by the enthusiastic viewers of the Festival.

Moreover, the 5th International Bollywood Dance Competition took place as part of the Festival, where lots of prizes, awards, medals and distinctions were awarded to the Winners and participants by the members of the Judges Panel: Mrs Anna Dimitratou (President of the Panel), Michalis Michailidis (Honorable Judge), Sophia Papadopoulou, Naveen Monga, Kinga Μalec, Devesh Mirchandani, Daniel Paul, Alexa Des Bolly Deeewani, and Pavan Prasad.

A statement from the Organizers:

“Together with our guests from Greece and all over the world, we lived intense, unforgettable moments. We kindly thank the Greek National Tourism Organization under whose Auspices and kind support our Festival was conducted, the International Dance Council (CID – Unesco), ANT1 channel and ERT for the TV coverage of our Festival, and also all of our Sponsors for offering their support to this event that brought together people, customs and cultures. It has always been our firm belief that dance knows no limitations and prejudices, and that it unites people, races and cultures; a belief that was, once more, spectacularly validated. We are renewing our rendez-vous at the 7ο “Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival” in June of 2019!”


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