FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Global 12 Festival Summer 2019 Highlights @ Cargo London

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What an EPIC Saturday!! #Global12 headlined by Shakka

Director: Jay Lamusica
Event Manager: Amandeep Dhillon
Stage Manager: Marco Giulivi
Sponsorship team: Crystal King
Vendors and Brands: Marcia Degia
Sound and AV tech: Korhan
Marketing Coordinator: Eleonora Riccardi
Campaign Coordinator: Panos Chrysostomides
Visual Art Management: Emily Thomas
Event team – Arch 1: Cindy
Event team – Arch 2: Sinclair
Event team – Arch 1: Blessing
Event team – Terrace: Jon Baptiste
Event team – Arch 1: Mercy
Event team – Terrace: Obi
Artist Liasion: Stefania
Video team – Red Carpet: Georgina Bobb
Stage Presenter: YourHostIsRob
Stage Presenter: Max
Photographer: David Lionel
Photographer: Kirtan Patel
Photographer: Paris Salvage
Red carpet host: Preslava Mccharthy
Red carpet host: MK Lifestyle
Video team: Dagmara Scheibenreif
Food catering: Food with Vibes
Food catering: Dough Lads Pizza
Fashion Manager: Cat Diales
Fashion label 1: Sigrun
Fashion label 2: Yemzi
Fashion label 3: An Original Leroy
Acoustic Sessions Manager: Lonely Star Magazine
Pulse 88 Takeover: Linda E
Official DJ – stage section: DJ Diamond
After Party DJ: Beatz London
Marketing Consultant: Michelle Serrato
DJ 1 (Pulse 88 Radio) – Terrace section: Carmen London
DJ 2 (Pulse 88 Radio) – Terrace section: Selecta YB
DJ 3 (Mnrchy) – Terrace section: Luke Sorensen
DJ 4 (Mnrchy) – Terrace section: DJ AB$
DJ 5 (Pulse 88 Radio) – Stage section: Janelle Wynter
DJ 6 (Mnrchy) – Terrace section: DJ Bubz
Media: Culture Mag
Media: Pulse 88 Radio
Partner: Unitove Collective Arts
Partner: Creative Access
Partner: Mnrchy
Partner: Beatz London
Headline artist (UK): Shakka
Artist (France): Nelick
Artist (Spain): Killtime
Artist (Ghana): Silvastone
Artist: (Jamaica): Tabitha Jade
Artist: (Italy): Italo Blue
Artist: (Canary Islands): Sophia Lee Soul
Artist: (Zimbabwe): Talitha
Artist: (Slovenia): July Jones
Artist: (South England): Jay-Rico
Artist: (North England): Savanna
Security team: Cargo London
Venue: Cargo London
Pulse 88 takeover artists: Rory Sky, Lauren Cofie, J Kaz, Cheryl and Div3tran
Special mentions: Maya, Melissa, Chione, Chanelly, Sharai, Nuria Afonso, Cindy, Hugo, Susu Ahmed, Kiara, Cosmina, Popa, Emma Burton, Grace Wilbrink, Cristi Barriere, Monika Krystzopa,

Music by: Jay- Rico – Dappah

#Global12Festival – 12 Countries in one venue.

The Global 12 Festival, one of the most exciting weekends in the UK music calendar where artists and creators from around the world perform live in London, has completed the date of their 3rd installment on Saturday August 31st 2019.

Event attractions consist of red carpet entrance, live music, pop-up stands, food vendors, interactive experiences across 12 countries within one venue with artistic decor, fashion, art, culture, sports, games, special guests and more!


Already with 25 million views for the hit single “Man Down” and a host of collaborations under his belt so far such as Stylo G, Wiley, JME and AlunaGeorge, Shakka performed as the headline artist for Global 12 Festival Summer 2019!

Global 12 Festival Summer 2019 in association with Creative Access, Kol Social, Purply, Unitone Collective Arts, Tribe London, Pulse 88 Radio, Mnrchy, Beatz London, Lonely Star Magazine, Sigrun, Fashion Inspired by London and Cargo London.

* Afrobeats, Reggeaton, UK Soul, Hip Hop, R&B, Party.
* Summer Cocktails.
* BBQ.
* Open-air dance floor.
* New iconic artists from London, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Milan, Shanghai, Lagos, Sao Paulo and more performing throughout the day!
* Dance crews performing across the venue!
* Red carpet entrance from 12pm
* Summer vibes with friends, connections and Industry guests from around the world.
* Global 12 City decorated with an Aquatic – Bubble gum style design inspired by the award winning Art Director Matt Crump.
* Surprise headline artist performing the most exciting live set of the event! (NEW)
* Pop ups and Interactive experiences from Fashion, Art, Culture and Sport (NEW)

Headline act:

This is Max (Flip Your Wig/Capital FM) , Linda E & YourHostRob (Pulse 88 Radio), Preslava Mccarthy and MK Lifestyle.

International Line up:
Silvastone (Ghana), Killtime (Spain), Italo Blue (Italy), Nelick (France), Tabitha Jade (Jamaica), Talitha (Zimbabwe) and more.

UK Line Up:
Lauren Cofie, July Jones, Cheryll, Geovarn, Jay-Rico, Div3tran, Savanna, Sophia Lee Soul, Akemi, Tima, Aphra, Kai Rabai, Bagge, Bina, Ayeisha Raquel, Eleni C, Glorynade, Faye Meana and more.

Terrace DJ’s:
DJ Diamond, Carmen London, Selecta YB, Janelle Wynter, Nomad, Abigail and Bubz.

Fashion show:
Sigrun, Yemzi and An Original Leroy.

Art & Culture:
Emily Thomas and Legge Studio.

Sign up for Global 12 Festival 2020 here: http://shodement.com/watchshodem
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