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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Global 12 Festival 2017 Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Global 12 Festival 2017 Highlights

What an UNREAL Saturday!! #Global12

Director: Jay Lamusica
Performance coach: Lena Kay
Event Manager: Preeya Anand
Event Manager: Dan Rainey
Sponsorship team: Sam Christey
Event Logistics: Amy Green
Video Editor: Julian Langham
Live Video Management: Georgina Bobb
Video Operator: Vincent Lane
Campaign Coordinator: Melina Green
Campaign Coordinator: Nikita Nelson
Campaign Coordinator: Sabina Benitez,
Visual Manager: Alex Heyoka
Print and Designs: Boardprint.co.uk
Photography: Francesca – Light out studios
Photography: Mike Olliston
Photography: Lazar
Photography: Matt Stephens
Backline team; Charles
Event assistant: Maria Musella
Event assistant: Leonie Omango
Presenter: Shahlaa Discovers
Presenter: Frequency 21 Mag
Presenter: This is Max
Oxfam Coordinator: Anne Cooper
Festival section: Dj Tamika
Terrace party : Matteo Bandini
Terrace party: DJ Funkz,
artists: Kiara Marzella, Angelica Lopez, July Jones, Scott Mclain, Piqued Jacks, Senar, Alex Attrill, Tri Nguyen, Ryan Koriya, Deewain, Vipzz, Georgia Crandon, Kenza and more.
Sponsors: Blue Pearl Dental, Content Capital, 24 H Logistics and Stone Health Clinics.
Venue: Cargo London
Producer: Shodement

Shodement presents Global 12 Festival.


The Global 12 Festival, one of the most exciting weekends in the UK music calendar, has confirmed the date of Summer 2018 as Saturday September 1st: New festival line-up; Summer party; thousands of fans from 12 different countries and other surprises on the day. The 2nd instalment of Global 12 will take place at Cargo London with the option to upgrade the event to the O2 Arena.

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Song: Ni Na – Submarine ( Performing live at #Global12 )

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