FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Glitch Festival 2018 official aftermovie

The third edition of Glitch Festival is over, but the memories will last forever. It’s been a magical 3 day adventure on the Mediterranean island of Malta and we are honored to have shared them with you. See you next year!

Filming & Editing: Videocafe
Music: Kink – The Russian
Sound Design: Yasmin Kuymizakis


5 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Glitch Festival 2018 official aftermovie

  1. An amazing awesome night it was indeed. Hafna awesome. This after movie doesn't do it justice. The beats and drops, the basses and bangs were more raw and explosively pulsating. And the vid's too long xbin. Doesn't matter, finding​ the fortress finding​ the Glitch again this year!

  2. I'm going to be here in August. It's slowly kicking in. I bought my tickets on the 4th of April on a bit of a whim.

    Now I just need to work my ass off between now and then so I can enjoy my first festival of 2019 in peace. Really looking forward, it's a worthy goal to work towards. See you in 132 days!

    Edit: it was this aftermovie (and obviously the lineup) that convinced me to buy a ticket. Brilliant song choice – you can never go wrong with Kink.

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