FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Fender Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster – Monterey Pop Festival

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33 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Fender Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster – Monterey Pop Festival

  1. I actually have a friend who turned me on to the DSL15H that he mods to give the gain channel a much more useable spectrum of gain and he modded the clean channel into a crunch channel, again with a wide spectrum.  I picked one up used for 270 and have given him 120 bones for the 2 mods and the amp is incredible.  He has tested this amp and says it is actually much closer to 18 watts than 15, all I know is it is loud, open, warm, not too bright but definitely has the cut on the high end.  He basically did what Marshall has done on their new line of DSL series but I think probably better.  It hangs with my Mesa JP-2C for real, maybe not as versatile, but I don't play high gain metal stuff so otherwise with a couple mods from someone who really knows what they are doing this amp can be freaking phenomenal!  Nice vid by the way, played this guitar the other day.  Definitely going to grab one.

  2. Should I purchase this strat or the upside down neck and upside pickups version that is the same price. I don't care that they are made in Mexico because as long as it lasts throughout my life I'm happy. Also I'm looking for a guitar that slowly wears. E.g paint rubs off after time. I'm not going to have one of these for quite a while so take your time recommending me one of the two.

  3. Just remember. Jimi didn't smash up his good guitars. Monterey festival was played on a different guitar then he brought out one he didn't like for one song then smashed it up. His roadie usually put them back together so that they could be smashed again. Jimi did have his favourites that he protected and used g for many years.

  4. The guitar was smashed during the last song. Hendrix was only using the guitar for the electric pick-ups. He threw the broken pieces into the crowd after performing the song, Wild Thing by The Troggs

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