FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Eric Clapton – 2013 Crossroads Guitar Festival

Get a first look at Eric Clapton’s 2013 Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD. The CD, DVD & Blu Ray will be available November 19th.


20 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Eric Clapton – 2013 Crossroads Guitar Festival

  1. Eric you need to provide digital downloads of the Crossroads Guitar Festivals. I saw the 2013 and 2010 Festivals about 2 weeks ago on MTV Live and literally loved it. Could have just had it on the DVR but I bought them both online. Just got the 2013 copy (2010 isn't even here yet). First DVD runs great, but the second DVD is warped and rattles in the drive. Can't rip them to my DLNA server because of the nasty protection scheme (I do this with all my CD's to keep the originals pristine). Has to be a better way to distribute this marvelous content for those who actually pay the money and not have to deal with those who would pirate it out.

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  3. All of you Self-Righteous youtube commenters are pathetic. They should disable this feature; its a harbor for losers to flaunt they're hate for everyone elses opinion. Take your neverending theological battle where it belongs and try to respect the music and this amazing portal we have to it. You people make me sick. 

  4. I am quite familiar with Pascal's Wager (which you apparently are not, given that you question the math reference) and I practice it personally. Thank you for your input.

  5. I didn't say anything about math. I don't want to pollute a music video with another argument about religion, so I'll just encourage you to look up Pascal's Wager on RationalWiki (a quick Google search will turn it up, since Youtube doesn't like links) to see the relevant objections.

  6. The application of Pascal's Wager is pretty much always *in practice* an individual matter, and mathematical probabilities aren't at the forefront of most individuals' perspectives — it's simply an agnostic's "might as well…". (And Voltaire misread the wager completely vis-à-vis the existence of God.)

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