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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Dominator Festival 2017 – Maze of Martyr | Official aftermovie

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Dominator Festival 2017 – Maze of Martyr | Official aftermovie

Re-enter the world of pure misery. This is the aftermovie of Dominator Festival 2017 – Maze of Martyr. See you in 2018 at a new, horrific edition!

Dominator – The Hardcore Festival 2018
21th of July 2018
E3 strand, Eersel
The Netherlands


Presale for Dominator 2018 starts at the end of March 2018 or beginning of April 2018. Beware of scammers!


46 Responses

  1. fawkes40 says:

    where from the festival good song

  2. can someone give me a list of all the djs?

  3. Rolando Vale says:

    primero domina mi pene y luego mi cerebro

  4. Rolando Vale says:

    me gusta esta clase de musica de mierda….pero vestirme de esa forma…..,,con tatuajes y disfraces diabolicos….solo para retrasados mentales….jovenes tontos que se dejan llevar por las emociones…mansos corderos que se dejan dominar

  5. N1v3K77 says:

    Woow… Hardcore music really took a turn for the worst, didn't it? What kind of commercial crap is this??

  6. This year im taking a friend for his first time to DOMINATOR!!!
    Anybody got some advice

  7. ptvHanna says:

    I love that this is my home country <333

  8. Fabio Macedo says:

    I fucking love this. From Portugal 🇵🇹

  9. Dominator on my list before I fucking DIE

  10. whas that the only song at the festival?

  11. marc obrist says:

    I can not wait for this year 2018 swiss power

  12. Track name for the first rawstyle song?

  13. Can’t wait for Dominator 2018!!!!

  14. Kdy bude věda sloužit lidem?

  15. 3:03 protože jsou dobrý patenty utopený zamčený v trezorech.

  16. Máme všemožný technologie a přesto jde všechno od deseti k pěti

  17. Claus GTL says:

    what's the remix called of Killshot – like an ak?? cant find it anywhere

  18. Kiedy takie imprezy Bendą w Plsce? ????

  19. GrimR3 says:

    Aftermovie 2012 still the best if you ask me

  20. Omg kickass video I have watched

  21. Erin Smyth says:

    Only 1 more year till I can actually go!!😊😊

  22. George says:

    song at 2.11 "i got that morphine from china"

  23. basti k. says:

    What's the Name of the First Song ?

  24. Almost 18 so i can come to the next one! But i will be there for sure!

  25. There is so much Energy swotting sausage /Pancake – how – well – I don't know how to describe in words . Brain dancing – in short , imagine the human brain in three-dimensional imagination …and here it pulsates so soft shudders ,as the membranes of the speakers ….trrrr trrrr trrrr ….dancing bitch . but not annoying ! that's the difference .No rubber mallets, drawbridges ,changing the weight 120 times per minute pecking the cerebral cortex . Is there some other formula of pounding . Smooth such .Like a gentle sea cyber waves back and forth back and forth …..It's kind of like Electro-charger jellyfish on his head . stuck and vibrates …..YO YO YO


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