FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Diogo Light Niagara Falls Elvis Festival May 2017

Elvis Tribute Artist Diogo Light performs 10 songs at the 2017 Niagara Falls Elvis Festival held at the Greg Frewin Theatre from May 19 – 21. Featuring the Casino Brothers Band.


32 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Diogo Light Niagara Falls Elvis Festival May 2017

  1. What an amazing talent! Diogo has it all! His voice is strong, powerful, and beautiful, and his moves are like those of Elvis.
    He's handsome, charming, and oh, so sexy! Love Diogo and always will! His performances were effortless and mesmerizing! Diogo was so authentic, handsome, sexy, cute, charming and darling when I met him in person! What thrilling performances! Diogo will forever be at the top of my "Ultimate Elvis" list! I gave him an A+ on his performances! He couldn't have done any better. Everyone in the building was enthralled by his energizing talent. Thank you for your class act! I have played the video over and over again! I could never tire of hearing you gorgeous voice! I'm a # 1 Fan of yours, Diogo! God bless Diogo and family.

  2. All Di's hardwork and effort paid off and is a definite winner! Am sure most of the audience would agree that he really deserves to be the winner of the first ever Niagara Falls Elvis Festival! Bravo to Di and big thanks to Mike for sharing his precious videos!

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