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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Deftones – Reading Festival 2011 Highlights [HQ]

Deftones playing Rocket Skates from the Diamond Eyes album, Birthmark from the Adrenaline album, You’ve Seen the Butcher from the Diamond Eyes album and Root from the Adrenaline album at the Reading Festival 2011, August 26th 2011, Richfield Avenue, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

I dont own ANY right of this vid, all the credits and rights are for Warner Bros, Deftones and BBC London broadcast

If you want to erase this vid, wrote to me a PM and I will do

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  1. Danm, I hate that crowd. They're just dead.
    Chino and Abe put on a great vocal and drums performance with Rocket Skates (the rest of the band did good also, but they really stood out to me there), and everyone in the audience is just dead.

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