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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Defqon.1 Festival 2011 | Blu-ray / DVD Preview | Intro (1/7)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Defqon.1 Festival 2011 | Blu-ray / DVD Preview | Intro (1/7)

Defqon.1 Festival took place on 24, 25 & 26 June at Evenemententerrein Biddinghuizen.

This item is also available on the DVD/BLU-RAY.

The DVD/BLU-RAY is now limited available here: http://store.q-dance.nl/en/dvd-blu-ray-38/defqon1-festival-2011-61988/

More info about Defqon.1 Festival can be found at http://Defqon1.nl.


45 Responses

  1. +123sivart321 it's was one of the best moments of my life 😀

  2. 0:43 , dat face.. 😀 Its like having the best moment of life 😀

  3. jurne4 says:

    first song ? 😀

  4. Ighor Dantas says:

    what name of this song?

  5. Where can i listen this intro without this defqon voice? 🙂

  6. MsRevan98 says:

    unite noisecontrollers

  7. DirtDiver says:

    noisecontrollers – Unite

  8. JayJay says:

    i sure ass hell hope 4 you that you banged her….

  9. Walerian87 says:

    AAAAAA fucking YYYYeah!

  10. @slodiler how do u mess that up?

  11. @slodiler how do u mess that up?

  12. slodiler says:

    @3eaZPowningZ yes i know i miss her 🙁

  13. Israel Gomez says:

    1:43 anyone know the name of the song and the DJ who believe

  14. Noicecontrollers- Unite is the track thumps up so people dont ask stuppid questions

  15. MrGePRO says:

    @saltoangel what about the defqon1 anthem 2011? o.0

  16. SaItoAngeL says:

    Name song 1:50? plss ):

  17. Jose Paez says:

    tham!! this is massive!!:D

  18. /watch?v=M5ysf_-CjjM Amazing!

  19. @Smekiiz
    haah if ur real hardstyle lover u would have already known that 1 😉
    we will unite!!!

  20. iJanCees says:

    volgend jaar hopen op mooiere stage maarja

  21. AKA NERVE says:

    Can't wait till 2012!

  22. Cap1910 says:

    vielen Dank 🙂

  23. Mathieu says:

    @Cap1910 noisecontrollers – unite

  24. Cap1910 says:

    Wie heisst der song??

  25. Avithor says:

    she looks like ugly noob

  26. Rasta jan says:

    What are the Names of the Tracks at the End?! I MUST have them 😀

  27. Adam Sosa says:

    @DAKLINGLAA School of Rock

  28. @adamf70 and after that? the part where the voice is telling

  29. Adam Sosa says:

    Justice – Genesis
    School of Rock
    RJD2 – Cornbread, Eddie & Me
    Noisecontrollers – Unite

  30. Adam Sosa says:

    @DAKLINGLAA Justice – "Genesis"

  31. dennisobdam says:

    @skittb89 mama mia, she's hot allright

  32. slodiler says:


  33. @EllumDk19 old grandmother ;D

  34. Pluiz2006 says:

    @J0hnn0FR010 dvd's zijn altijd wel leuk om te bekijken dus waarom niet? 🙂

  35. PrideDane says:

    1:06 thats me!!! with the sun glasses'!!!! defqon 2011! love defqon cya next year ladys and gentelmen 😉

  36. Flapstaart says:

    Trolol newsgroups ftw 😀

  37. Janos says:

    lol the melody is from school of rock with jack black

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