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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Constellation Band Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Constellation Band Highlights

Melding numerous influences into a distinct and unique whole, Constellation Band creates original music to move you.
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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/constellationband
Instagram: @constellationband
BandCamp: http://www.constellationband.bandcamp.com

Constellation Band has played at regional venues like the 331 Club, Honey, Ed’s No Name Bar, and Castle Community. They have appeared at festivals such as Big Turn Music Fest, Rochester City Jazz Festival, the Eau Claire Jazz Festival and in concert series at The Black Dog and Jazz Central Studios.
Rooted in group experimentation and committed to playing compositions from all band members, Constellation Band is an ever-evolving force of creativity that reminds you of the possibilities and puts your head in the stars. Constellation Band consists of Ross Nixon (tenor sax), Kelly Blau (guitar), Drew Stinson (bass), and Simon Petrick (drums).


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